Published On: Wed, Aug 14th, 2013

3 Essential Apps for Academic Success

There seems to be an endless number of apps available on the market today, and many have been created to help college students better manage their academic lives. Note taking used to be a tedious task involving a paper and pen. However, with smartphones and tablets all but replacing books and binders, a number of apps have been created to make note taking easier than ever. Here are some of the top choices:

Student girls using smartphone at school


Available for: Mac iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Some say the Evernote app turns your smartphone into an extension of your brain. This award-winning app helps the busy college student remember pretty much anything that happens in life, from in the classroom to personal thoughts and ideas. Easily take snapshots or make recordings, put it into Evernote and it will synchronize from your BlackBerry 10 or other smartphone via the internet and over to your Windows or Mac desktop. Even handwritten text within snapshots is searchable with this app. It’s great for keeping a record of whiteboard notes, business cards… or the label from that new import beer you tried at the pub. Take notes, tag them with a location, save them, create and organize notebooks and share notes from anywhere and on just about any device. Great for note-taking as well as capturing, scanning and saving real-world objects, web pages and more. Easily share notes with colleagues, classmates and friends.

Flypad Notes

Available for: Blackberry

Flypad is a fast, convenient notepad app that maximizes the user experience. Flypad’s mission is to make it easier for college students to take notes “on the fly” without having to stop and find pen and paper. With Flypad, you can create and save a note in one minute or less. There just three steps to use the app: 1. Tap on the app on your home screen 2. When app is loaded, swipe down from the top and tap “add note” 3. Write your note Flypad solves your note-taking annoyances and will help make your day more productive. When you open Flypad, you will see all of the previous notes you’ve created. Simply swipe down to add another note. The first line of each note will become the title of the new note. Just create it and save it. If you want to edit your notes, select the note to be changed an then swipe down from the top of your screen to show menu options. When viewing a note, Flypad uses a notebook paper-look background for easy viewing. You’ll also be able to export your notes to other applications.

Super Note

Available for: Mac iOS, Blackberry

Super Note adds a dimension not seen in every note-taking app — the ability to add notes using speech-to-text. The developer of Super Note also created SayIt, so he’s definitely an expert on voice function. Super Note offers three categories: personal, business and “other,” all controlled by tabs at the top of the display. At the bottom of the screen, click the “Add” icon to create a new note. Type or just speak your message by touching the microphone icon. You can make your notes unique by adding a different icon associated with each note.


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