Published On: Sat, Jun 30th, 2012

Apple iOS6 Review

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In the recently held annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced its latest version of mobile Operating System i.e. iOS6. According to the Apple team, the iOS6 will take your iDevice, may it be an iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch, to a whole new direction as the latest iOS has as many as 200 new features. The prominent and most attractive changes have been made in the following:

iOS6 Features and Changes:

Siri: Siri in iOS6 understands more languages (Italian, Mandarin, Catonese, and more) and can be used in more countries as well. Siri in iOS6 also updates you about your favourite team, players and their stats and scores. Moreover, you can launch applications using Siri and can even tweet via Siri too. Other than that, Siri also updates you about the available restaurants and cinemas in your area and get your reservations done as well. So basically everything about sports, restaurants and movies is just a voice command away.

Maps: The latest iOS6 presents its own mapping solutions now. With incredibly detailed graphics and text, you can zoom in as much as you want and can plan your route. The new “Flyover” (Sky down) view allows you to see cities and landmarks from the air. The “Turn-by-turn” navigation system provides visual as well as spoken real-time traffic updates.

Facebook: One of the most awaited features of iOS6 was the Facebook Integration. With the iOS6, you can upload pictures directly from your camera, post your location from the maps, post your “Game Centre” high scores, save all your Facebook calendar entries and events on your iDevice calendar, and you can even integrate your iDevice contacts with your Facebook contacts so that whenever someone changes their email address or contact number, you automatically stay up to date. Moreover, there is even a “tap to post” option in the Notification Centre now.

Photo Streams: iOS6 allows you to share your photos with your friends and family. You just need to select the photos and choose the person you need to share them with, and they are on their way. Sharing photos and commenting is a lot more fun with the iOS6.

Remind Me Later: The iOS6 allows you to set a message which can be automatically sent to the caller in situations where you are unable to attend calls. So not only does the caller receive a message from you that you will call him later but you yourself are also reminded by your iPhone to call the person back.

Do Not Disturb: The Do Not Disturb feature allows you to put your phone on the silent mode but you can make adjustments in that. For instance you can select specific contacts for which your phone will always ring, or you can allow your phone to ring if a particular caller calls you twice or more than that.

FaceTime: iOS6 allows you to use FaceTime over your cellular networks and 3G as well. So now you do not have to be bound with a WiFi connection.

Safari: iCloud tabs have been introduced in the iOS6 which means that you can sync your browsing sessions over various iDevices. You may start your browsing on your iPad and continue it later on your iPhone. Moreover, you can also save web pages in your offline reading list and can share photos on your favourite websites using Safar.

Mail: iOS6 improves the mail feature of iDevices as now you can mark individuals as VIP and their mails will be starred and will appear in the flagged mailbox. Secondly, viewing attachments and attaching pictures and videos has been made easier. Moreover, the mailbox can be refreshed by just a pull.

iOS6 introduces many more exciting features and brings interesting characteristics with it. So you all should update your iDevices and enjoy the new features.

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