Published On: Wed, Aug 8th, 2012

Apple iPad 3 – A Taste of Brilliance

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Like everyone, we were also wondering what more magic the iPad 3 could bring in, even though iPad 2 fevers had not yet settled down. However, iPad 3 managed to wow everybody with its state of the art features and even better resolution!

At first glance you might not be able to see the difference between the old and the new iPad – but Apple users and fans grabbed the minor details in no time. Here are some of the very prudent changes, those iPad 3 displays from iPad 2:

First of all, the Retina display caught the attention of iPad 3 users almost immediately. Packed with 2048 X 1536 resolution, the new iPad 3 displays four times more razor sharp and clearly defined image/text and graphics in the 9.7 inch display screen. Each picture and icon seems life like, vivid and displays immense richness of color. Superb.

Secondly, the battery life has been improved up to ten hours. Given the fact that the new iPad 3 has four times more pixels which is supposed to take up more battery than the previous iPad 2 – yet the Apple engineers have succeeded in maintaining the battery all the while improving the quality of the display. With a new breakthrough technology, iPad 3 has been able to keep up with the expectations, one has with Apple.

Thirdly, the five mega pixel camera – iPad have always been subject to criticism when it came to their cameras. However, iPad 3 quiets all the critics with its new 5 mega pixel iSight camera that comes packed with fantastic features such as backside illumination sensor, autofocus, automatic focus and exposure balance. The list does not stop here. Apart from taking amazing pictures one can also go for the 1080p HD video making. The automatic vide stabilization feature allows one to make great videos without any bumps – Something that iPad 2 did not have.

Fourthly, the blazing fast speed – iPad 3 supports faster cellular networks now. Browsing, downloading and uploading can be done with a blink of an eye with just one touch of your finger. iPad 3 is made to work on fastest 3G network technologies such as HSPA and HSPA+ with speed ranging up to an amazing 42 Mbps! It can also become your personal hotspot with connectivity range extended to five difference devices.

Fifthly, iPad 3 is a now a listener – you can email, search, browse, write a note, take a picture, edit the video with just your voice. Say what you want to say and tap the screen to see your words becoming text. With auto correct, your voice recognition is even better and accurate. iPad 3 has changed the experience of a tablet device.

These were just few of the many great new features that iPad 3 has come around with. Choose from 225,000 apps and accessorize your iPad 3 with new iPad Smart Case for the complete latest look. Apple never fails to amaze its fans.


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