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Apple TV Review

Apple TV has been around since 2006, when it was first unveiled by the CEO of Apple, in September at an Apple press conference. It is a small box that is a digital media receiver and it is to be used in conjunction with an HDTV. Apple TV is developed and sold by Apple Inc.

It is specially designed to stream content, including that is received online from YouTube, MobileMe, Flickr and a large variety of streaming radio stations and several other content sources. You simply need to sign up for any of these content sources in order to be able to stream them on your Apple TV digital media receiver. It is a mechanism for getting iTunes content from computers to TVs. Apple has also updated the device’s interface too, adding a couple of new features in new generations which makes it more advanced.

The Apple TV’s limited output options may be one of its most notable shortcomings because the Apple TV only handles 720p. The Apple TV is simple to set-up and use. Once the device is connected to a widescreen HDTV with an HDMI cable, or a set of RCA cables and powered up, the Apple TV will begin its automated set-up. Then you’ll need to be connected to broadband internet via either net or Wi-Fi using apple supplied remote to handle the menu. Using the Apple TV is even easier because menus make navigation very easy with categories and subcategories. These categories include movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, internet, photos settings. Menu is controlled by the Aluminum remote having zero buttons and only a single, white status light on the front.

If you’ve got an Apple computer you can stream your iTunes library to your new Apple TV by pressing just a couple of buttons. It’s all very simple and very easy to do as long as you have that computer turned on with iTunes opened. Apple has done a deal with Netflix to allow Apple TV owners to pay their subscription using an iTunes account. In doing so, Apple has made it even easier to sign up for the streaming service as there’s no longer an “enter your card details” step required. If you live in the world of Apple and are a huge iTunes user, then the ability to stream content to your TV will be very much easy, however Apple can’t stream some content. For example, it can stream music, but not videos. Some games can stream, but most don’t.

How to use it:

Purchase a high-definition television set.

Download the latest Apple iTunes software onto your computer.

Ensure your wireless or wired connection network has enough power to support Apple TV.

Grab your HDMI cable and connect the Apple TV module to your TV.

Connect your Apple TV to your wired Internet connection.

Plug your Apple TV into its power source and turn your TV or computer.

Answer Apple TV’s set up questions.

View the list of wireless networks Apple TV presents and select your network. Enter your password and your IP address.

Open iTunes and set it to your iTunes library to your Apple TV automatically.

Using your Apple TV remote, browse your play list and select the media you want to enjoy your HDTV.

Advantages of Apple TV

Full 1080p HD

Incredibly easy setup

User-friendly icon-based interface

New features, same $99 price


Content is limited to iTunes and select partner only.

Could use a QWERTY keyboard.

iTunes Match account required to access cloud-based music.

How people are using apple TV

People are not just satisfied with their satellite TV, cable TV and antenna, they wanted some change. Streaming video from the Internet to their TV is an appealing entertainment option to consumers in 2011, and Apple TV is one way to do it. Apple TV isn’t designed to play DVDs, but users have expressed enormous interest using it for that purpose, simply because DVDs are the most obvious and common source for movies, and many people already have a library of titles.

With Apple TV people configure their screen saver to use their photos by enabling photo sharing in iTunes. Apple is also said to have been working on revolutionary Siri-powered voice input for interacting with the television.

Apple TV is used for business purpose to give their presentations on such a high quality screen. Some companies like the Apple TV so much that they are pushing clients to adopt the hardware in their businesses as well, saying it makes business presentations less expensive and more convenient.

If you are taking notes on the iPad, or playing a game, it would show up on your HDTV through the Apple TV so people use their apple TV to view their work on big screen.

Market share:

According to the report, Apple is predicted to reach sales of four million Apple TV units for 2011, leading the way in a rapidly-growing market with a 32% share. The report also notes that Apple TV users tend to spend more money on TV shows and movies than users of other set-top connected TV players; with 30% of Apple TV owners reported have rented content compared to 20% of owners of other devices.

Apple is potentially the biggest winner in the deal. It will surely be making money, however small, from every Netflix subscription by handling the payment. Netflix has removed a barrier to entry because most people with an Apple TV are going to have an iTunes account already setup. Consumers also win because they don’t have to give yet another company their credit card details.

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