Published On: Tue, Jan 29th, 2013

Best iOS Data Recovery Software to Recover your Lost Data from iPhone,iPad and iPod

You do not need to panic about the loss of data of your iOS devices, like iPhone, iPad, and iPod, because with the help of the Best iOS data recovery software, Wondershare’s Dr. Fone you can get all of your data back in a few minutes. Wondershare’s Dr. Fone is one of the best data recovery applications for iOS devices as it can recover a wide range of data, no matter what format is it in. With the help of Dr. Fone you can not only recover your lost photos and videos but also all your text messages, call logs and even your reminders.

Amazing thing about Dr. Fone is that it relocates all of your lost data and then let you choose what you want to recover. It gives you complete liberty in what components of your data you need to restore to your iOS device. Another good thing about Dr. Fone is that it can also be used to extract the lost data from the backup files in iTunes.

Dr. Fone is basically desktop software but it has versions available for both Mac and Windows. It is compatible with all iOS devices which makes it one of its own kinds because there are very few data recovery software available in the market for iOS devices.  Different iOS devices for which Dr. Fone can be used for recovering lost data include iPad 1, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and all versions of iPod.

This makes Dr. Fone a two-in-one application which definitely makes it a standout data recovery application. For instance, recovery of your lost data on your iphone, ipad, ipod etc. One of the best things that Dr. Fone offers is that it can recover data files of up to 12 different formats which include photos, text messages, notes, logs, reminders, videos, contacts and many more files. Process of recovering data through Dr. Fone is much simple. All you need to do is to download it and install it on your PC. In order to recover lost data from any iOS device connect the iOS device with your PC and initiate scanning of the device. After running scanning Dr. Fone guides you through all the process and you just need to follow the steps.

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Within a few minutes a list of all lost data will appear on the screen. You will be asked whether to recover all or any selected data. After choosing the desired data recovery option your lost data will start restoring to your iOS device and will be part of your iOS device soon. It is, however, necessary to bear in mind that before performing data recovery process you make sure that you have enough free space for the data you want to recover. In case you want to recover data of a lost or damaged iOS device, you just need to run Dr. Fone which will automatically search for back up iTunes files and will provide you with all the files available. Here again you can choose to recover all or any certain files of your lost data.



With the development of complex iOS devices mishaps like accidental deletion of data is inescapable. But if you have access to a right data recovery application, like Dr. Fone, such unpleasant accidents can be turned into just trivial events. With all of the above wonders along with its affordable price, not to mention its quality of being user friendly and easy-to-use, Dr. Fone is a must-have application for all iOS users.

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