Published On: Thu, Jul 12th, 2012

Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Journalists and Media Personnels

Equipment such as a Tape Recorder, Pens, Notebook, and a Laptop… are must haves of being a journalist. But not until the iPad or iPhone came its way, with hundreds of apps available from the app store, there’s no need of making sure you are always paper ready. Downloading the bests app you will always be on the go; Never knowing when a good story might come your way. All you need is your handy iPhone or your iPad, You will always be the first person on the scene to cover the story.

These days it has become trendy to do all your work through your iPhone or iPad, therefore we have generated a list of apps for successful and comfortable story writing.

1. WriteRoom – iPad & iPhone.

Writing is personal until published, WriteRoom costs around $5 with 4.2MB space. A noise-free and organized Writing Room, you have the benefit of creating folders and keeping your documents in order. This app consists of the following features:

Word Count

Custom Line Height

iTunes Document Sharing

Automatic & manual Sync

Link Detection

Text Expander Support

Print & Email

Search for Files

Clean Full screen Mode

Startup passcode

And many more features …

2. Filter storm Pro – iPad and iPhone

Photo editing- this app is developed keeping in mind the photojournalists, Costs around $15 with space needed of 6.8MB. Filter Storm has capability of opening a large amount of files and batch processing. If you feel the need of a less professional and expensive approach to simple blogging or article writing then Filter Storm and PhotoForge2 are the available options on the list costing around $4 and $3 respectively.

3. Quick voice Pro – iPad, iPhone and iPod

Quick Voice Pro is voice recorder, updated with SpinVox Speech technology it can now be used for sending text messages using your voice it requires NO typing in. This wonderful app is best used for capturing ideas, thoughts even your daily routine/grocery lists, and a satisfying Money back guarantee. Costing $0.99

4. 5-0 Radio HD police scanner – iPad and iPhone

With over 35,000 active feeds, it’s an application which keeps you on top of breaking news throughout the day. Old radios are out when Radio police scanner is in. user-friendly app, Sound quality makes it worth it for its price. This application costs around $5. The following are a list of attractive features consisting in his app:

Background mode
-A feature which enables working on other projects while police scanner is running in the background.

Live Chat
-Talk to other users regarding any topic.

Sleep Timer/Alarm

Hourly updates

5. Flipboard- iPad and iPhone

Have you ever read an attractive article in the newspaper and just decided to report on it? Instantly saving websites may help save a lot of time and effort. Flipboard does the exact same. All your adored newspapers and magazines are in one place, it makes search go all easy. Costing NOTHING!!


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