Published On: Mon, Jun 11th, 2012

Best iPhone Apps for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

iPhone has contributed in making life easy for entrepreneurs and businesses by introducing useful apps for them. These apps are so inexpensive and handy that you can avail it wherever and whenever needed. iPhone apps can help to accurately monitor income and expenses, organize details, tasks, and contacts, easily convert currency, and much more.

Below are some useful apps that are worthy in business promotion and dealings.


The first iPhone app mentioned in this article “mind tools” is very helpful in business management and promotion. This app provides you with useful skills required to promote your business and perform many tasks. It will give you problem solving and productivity tips to enhance your business. This will also provide you recruitment, management and career development skills. You can also get creative ideas from this app that can promote your business. This app is free of cost.


This app is very helpful in participating a meeting which is taking place in other city or country. Using this you can attend online meeting by just sitting into your own office. This app will provide you the video of the meeting by which you can see who is presenting and can view the slides of presentation. You can also share your own points by connecting through audio phone and can send your slides of presentation and by connecting through web cam, the people in the meeting can see you too. All you need to do is to connect to the link of the meeting sent to you through email. This app will save your time of traveling and help you attend more than one meeting in a day. This app is free of cost.


iPhone presented this app for property dealing business and many other businesses. This app will provide you information about the nearest commercial property, its prices, market value, size, area etc. you can see the picture of the property and can find out the buildings or different spots around it. This app will help the companies dealing in property and those who are about to start some new project. This app is also free of cost.


This free app will help the user to keep record of all deals, accounts, customer’s payments, bank accounts, sales, purchase, earning, assets, profit, loss etc. This app has a built in calculator to perform different calculations. You can save your time by managing and saving the new deals by altering the already existing similar deals. This app also contains your credit card details. You can lock your easy book if you don’t want someone else to look at your personal information. You can make notes on it for your customers and send them through email. It will also keep the record of your working hours and the time spent with some customer. You can keep the backup of all the record in the form of email. This app is very useful and handy especially for small business having small number of employees.


This app keeps you connected to your business and employees even when you are away from your office. You can keep in touch with employees working at other branches of your company and can listen to their creative ideas. This app is a kind of social network of a company that keeps the employer and the employee in touch. This will keep you updated about the inside news, happening, conversation of the company even when you are not there. So you will be aware of all the matters of the company and the problems and complaints of the employee. This app is free of cost.



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  1. Sasha H says:

    These are some fabulous apps; I’ve been searching incorrectly therefore, getting the wrong results. MindTools and GoToMeeting would both be useful productivity tools, on the frequent business travel. I’ve found many travel apps and fantastic Expense apps, but these gear toward the work load, after I’m already in the midst of my meetings. These are not only handy, but they relieve a world of stress off my shoulders. I have an app for stress too that I’ll share.A movie on my iPad becomes my escape from reality; ripping me from the confines of an unfortunate situation.

  2. Christina says:

    I think useful software like CardFila is very helpful for entrepreneur. It keeps business contacts safe forever. When he needs to find the contact, just search on Iphone or Android Phone. The software can help you to save all the data in its serve. You can edit yourself or CardFila staff will do it for u. All the data you put in will be kept safe forever. Now you can throw all your cards, very convenient, especially for entrepreneur.

  3. Brandy says:

    Business Plan Premier generates business plans for entrepreneurs. It also connects you with AMI’s 3000+ investors, so if you’re looking for start-up capital, that’s a great bonus too! It’s for iPad though, not the iPhone. Here’s a link if you want to check it out on iTunes: “”

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