Published On: Sat, May 26th, 2012

Best iPhone Apps for Engineering Students

The App Store has lots of valuable and useful apps for students and professionals of engineering. These are specifically designed to assist them with various calculations related with major areas of this field. The best thing is almost all of these are available worldwide for iPhone users and a number of them are absolutely free of cost. These are easily downloadable and can be installed within seconds. Use them in phone wherever you are in the world. These apps can be used to take help from and considered as personal assistant students pursuing tough and hectic engineering courses. Make sure you know how to download, install and operate them efficiently to get most out of these.

Five best apps out of these are briefly reviewed here:

1. Engineering Professional

This is a mega app with more than 650 formulas that cover civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical engineering and hydrology. This is a must-have for engineering students, who wish to make task easier for them. You can do calculations on shaft and beam. These have 100 conversion formulas and Area formulas. You can also save and email all formulas. These are on various phenomena such as co-generation, energy loss, crushers, vapor separators, steam and vaporization. It will hopefully grow to over 1,000 formulas in days ahead.

2. iLogica

It has tables and simulator. You can easily access complex logic tables that you have to learn during study and work. So, it is equally useful app for students and professional engineers. It can be a great learning tool and assistant during your degree course. This is a smart way to understand and perform various tasks or calculations on the go.

3. Fastfigures

It is another app with massive amount of data. It has almost 60 calculators which have calculations for real estate, finance and most importantly, engineering. For convenience and saving time, you can add pre-created calculator app. It can be used according to your specific requirements.

4. Orifice

Orifice has collection of three calculators, which enable you calculate the orifice size and the delta D across the orifice for a rectangular edged orifice. It also helps make calculation of volumetric flow. It can be handy and readily available tool right from your iPhone, anywhere, anytime. That’s fantastic.

5. Element14 Everywhere

This is a wonderful and highly useful app, different from many others in the same category. You can easily connect with engineers around the world and discuss with them relevant latest technologies. It is not only a learning software, but also a social platform that enables you to expand your knowledge, learning and understanding. It takes you beyond conventional methods of study. You can be a part of large community of engineers to seek or provide help. Its features include Resistor Identifier and Unit Converter. It needs iOS 4.0 or later versions. Apart from iPhone, you can have it in iPad and iPod Touch as well.

Now go to the App Store and get started with your most favorite app. You can see user ratings and reviews to get more info.




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  1. vl says:

    Free app for fluid properties (viscosity, enthalpy, density etc…)

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