Published On: Mon, May 28th, 2012

Best iPhone Apps for Gamers

Want something exciting to have fun in holidays or in your leisure time? Try some fantastic games in your iPhone while your spare hours and enjoy yourself. You might find it hard choosing the best games for you out of thousands available online. So, the task is made easier for you. Here you will find the best five games that cost less than $5. A smart way to get rid of holiday blues.

1. Backbreaker Football

Since its release, Backbreaker Football has been one of the best selling iPhone apps in gaming world.You can have it for $0.99. It has some of the finest graphics you can ever have in an iPhone.Unlike Madden NFL 10 or NFL 2010, Backbreaker is not a full football game or a simulator. Your role is to play as a kick returner, who has to face the challenge of spinning away from defenders. In initial stages, it’s really simple and easy but as you move on to the next levels, things start getting harder and more difficult. You may turn to other games for full gaming experience, but this is surely the best in its category so far.

2. Crush the Castle

It is released from Armor Games and does not have much advanced graphics. The player has the same goal on every level which is attempting to demolish the castle and destroy its residents. It’s really fun doing this task. You can have it for $1.99 but free demo is also available, where you can play through two levels. Its full version has eight types of ammo, fifty castles and a castle editor. Physics-based games lovers will surely like crush the Castle a lot. After getting victorious, you are rewarded with medals. That’s why it keeps you stuck throughout and increases its replay value.

3. Baseball Superstars

Gamevil has brought back Baseball Superstars and you will see that most of the features are nearly the same as its previous version. But it’s much better and improved in several ways. This is perhaps the most elaborated baseball game in the iTunes App Store. It has six game modes, the most eminent of it is My League which combines in RPG elements and lets you guide a player in various seasons. Its animated graphics may not appeal some gamers. Fake teams and players may also be another uninteresting thing, but it’s all fun and you feel like replaying it. Its cost is $2.99 in sale, so grab the opportunity today.


Wish to get into an exciting world of zombie, pirates and evil

ninjas? Then, this game app is perfect for you. Your mission is to kill them all using a blowgun and many other weapons. So, it’s great for shooters to enjoy. Its price is $2.99. It has a standard game based on different consecutive levels and three mini-games. The graphics and game play are average but it attracts. This game also has videos by You can even submit queries on the site to clarify any confusion.

5. TapWord

This is purely for peace-loving docile gamers who hate destruction, fight or kill something. TapWord is actually a knockoff of Boggle. The officially licensed game is paid and this one offered by TapJoy is absolutely free. A 3×3 or 4×4 board of letters arranged randomly is given to you and you have to make as many words as you can in limited time period. It may sound simple but tickles your mind and cognition. So, it’s more like a vocabulary game. TapJoy offers a free Sudoku iPhone app named Tap Sudoku, which has five difficulty levels. There is an option of creating your own puzzles also.





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