Published On: Sat, Jun 16th, 2012

Best iPhone Apps for MBA Students

iphone can be useful for MBA students or for prospective MBA students by introducing its apps regarding their subjects and objectives. The life of MBA student is wrapped up in classes, assignments, projects, networking etc. So, iphone has made it all easy by designing different apps to make their lives easy and their studies satisfying.

Some of the most useful iphone apps are as follows:


This iphone app is designed to help MBA students to understand the main concepts of business management. These concepts are made keeping in view the concepts used by leading companies of the country. This app consists of ten articles and these articles describe the concepts of management and the ways how they are implemented in any company. This app will not only help MBA students in study but will also help them to start their own small business. This app will help them to learn management strategies to run their business without facing failure and will tell which kind of risks should be taken and which should be avoided. This app is offered free of cost.


This app is very useful for MBA students to prepare for the job interviews. You can avail this app even when you are waiting for your interview where you cannot carry your books with you. This is very handy and provides you with questions which are expected to be asked in interviews. The questions may be in the form of MCQ’s or question answers. This app costs .99$


This app provides quiz about finance, people, management, time and accounting which are the main pillars of a business education. This app will also give information regarding economics and marketing by careful selection of questions. These questions will prepare MBA students for their exams. User will score marks by answering these questions, confusing options are given to check whether students are well prepared or not. This app costs .99$.


This app consists of videos regarding management skills. This app will help the MBA student to learn how to manage, organize and plan resources to make a successful project. This app also includes videos describing how to enhance your business or to improve your position at your work place. These videos also teach how to deal with different people, how to take risks, how to plan some project, how to make an effective team for the project, skills regarding managements and experts opinions. This app costs 1.99 $ but its uses are worth more than its price.


This iphone app will tell you the expert’s opinion and tips to get an MBA admission. This app is like a book, telling you how to produce an effective MBA application. The main emphasis of this app is on essay writing and the essay questions which are asked from them and how to fit their profile message in each question. This app tell you the technique of writing an essay like font size, skimming technique, use of suitable words and phrases, addition of notes to the text etc to make your application more impressive. This app costs 1.99$.


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