Published On: Sun, Jul 8th, 2012

Best iPhone Apps for Oil Industry Professionals

You can use your iPhone to remain productive and efficient if you are oil industry professionals while researching and working through tough conditions. Following are the best iPhone apps are as follows:


The OILPALS is designed for international businesses and professionals working in oil industries. It provides online services, tools, information and resources for the employers and the professionals of the oil industry. The professional website of oilpals provides an opportunity to the members of the oil industry to update different views, videos, pictures, blogs, articles, training rooms, training opportunities and information about their industry to other members and groups. Oilpals also supports different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, My Space etc so that people can register easily and share information, it also help members to share data online. Social networking is also used for advertisements and promotion of their product so that industry can grow up their market and get suggestion to improve their quality. This app is free of cost and is very helpful.


This app is free and is mostly very useful for small oil industries and women owned industries but is also used by professional oil industries. Using this app, users can update and report about different oil incidents along oil shores and wildlife areas and the damage it caused. To make their reports more informative they can add pictures and videos and the information about the geographical position of that area where the incident took place. This report will alert other oil industry stakeholders so that they could avoid loss.


This app is also useful for oil industry professionals. It is designed to check the strength and quality of oil well pipes like capacity, thickness, inside diameter, burst etc. Just select the respective pipe and enter the weight of the pipe. The weight will tell the strength and the quality of the pipe. This app offers an individual system of units for each property burst, torque, collapse, yield strength etc. This useful app costs 2.99 $ which is less than its uses.


This app is designed for workers and professionals of oil industry doing exploration and drillings. It contains frequently used calculations and analysis methods. Calculations include pipe displacement, pump output, leak off test, drill stuck point etc. this app is mostly self controlling just require only a small input. It will inform you if there is any error and will tell you to recheck your input values to remove the error. You can save your calculation in your phone so that you can check it any time you need. This app costs 9.99$.


This app contains 1450 technically oil based terms which could be useful for oil industries professionals, for oil quality researchers, investors etc. you can search any term you required, this app will provide you that specific term and other terms related to it. To avail this app you don’t need any internet connection so you can use it anywhere, anytime. The cost of this app is 2.99$.




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