Published On: Thu, Jun 7th, 2012

Best iPhone Apps for Parents

It’s hard to believe that a little device that’s the size of your hand can actually help parents to become more organized, time-efficient, knowledgeable and even relaxed. It is the beauty of iphone that it has always been so helpful in performing your routine work and to make your life easier.

It has provided so many apps for parents for their child care, growth and training. Some of the most useful apps for parents are as follows that can make their life soothing and easy. You just need to find right app for right time.


This app is designed for parents for taking care of their child. This app will tell you when your child is awaken. This app will help the best when you are busy in some work and this app will give you alert that your child is up. If you increase the sensitivity of this app this will also give you alerts on your child movements during sleep. This will give you alert by calling on your house phone or any other phone whose number you have fed in the phone for alert. This app costs 2.99$ which is less worthy then its uses.


This app will help your children to learn what you want them to learn.  You can create cards with your own text, photos and voice recordings as well as using the preloaded illustrated cards. Through these recordings children will learn new words and will get to know about their grandparents through the pictures. You can save memories for your children using this app. You can save recordings into different languages that will be a great tool for raising bilingual or multi lingual children. This app costs 1.99$.


This app will help the parents to know what their children want for their Christmas presents. Parents can record their message in Santa’s voice and ask what their children want and buy their Christmas presents accordingly. Children can even talk to Santa and can select presents from the picture gallery of Santa. This app is absolutely free and is very helpful for parents on Christmas to make their children happy.


Being a parent is a very difficult thing. You should know the needs of your children, your responsibilities etc. No school or teacher can teach them how to spend the life in a successful and better way as a parent can. So parents also need proper guidance how to bring up their children, how to take care of them and teach them manners. Keeping this in view iphone has designed this app which will provide parents important skills and tips for being a good parent. No internet is required to read these tips; you can save your own skills and share them with your friends. This app will improve your parenting skills and will build up your confidence as a parent. This app costs .99$


When your child says he is hungry when you are out of your house or travelling then this iphone app will help you find the favorite food of your child that is pizza. This app will link with the Google map and will locate the nearest pizza place in your town. Now you can answer your child hunger when he says “I am hungry” and will save your time that you have to spend finding some pizza point. It costs .99$



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  1. Julia says:

    Another nice app for parents would be Private me

    It allows parents to let their kids use camera but does not save pictures on the camera roll

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