Published On: Mon, May 14th, 2012

Best iPhone Apps for SAT1, 2 Preparation.

Studying may sound horrific and we understand your class. Instead of avoiding your daily knowledge, it’s always better to learn in the most meaningful way possible. Studying 12 hours a day won’t be as suitable to studying 2 hours a day. Learning to manage time during practice is the key ingredient to great exam success. It’s not necessary to take the pressure of your SATs. Once you have downloaded the following applications onto your iphone, you can study where ever you may be. Just pull out your device and just start revising. Whether it’s waiting for the bus or sitting in a coffee shop. You know you will have your target covered by the end of the day.

Here it goes…

1) IntelliVob app: – Now, what this app does, it makes long and hard words very easy to reading, writing and remember. It personalizes the English language for competitive exams like the SATS. MIT students have taken out their time and built such a splendid app based on their latest research on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Web Semantics. This impressive app learns your brain. It controls the learning environment permitting from the distress of forming your own approach. All you need to do is cooperate. The more you practice from this app, the more it learns about you and figures out the words that seem difficult to you. It ensures the highest marks in SATS. Free download from Apple store.

2) ChemGuru: – This app is a cautiously created tool that helps students prepare for the SAT II chemistry test. The module comprises 130 realistic questions fluctuating in difficulty from easy to challenging and addressing almost all the topics normally covered in the exam. Each question is well clarified, ensuring comprehensive understanding of the material. Either if it’s your first time appearing or endeavoring for the perfect score. ChemGuru could be the one you’re looking for. ChemGuru focuses on the key concepts for the examination.

3) Adapster: – The smartphone in which u download the app into is distinct to any other SAT revision app I’ve never seen. It’s truly adaptable. For instance – if you answer a question falsely about quadrilaterals, the software makes note of it, and offers you further guidelines on that concept while assembling more of those types of questions for you to work on. It offers hand-written clarifications of the concept behind the correct answer and tutorials with questions-answering tactics.

4) Kaplan SATS: – As we all know Kaplan publishers are one of the world’s leading providers in examinations preparations, and they have partnered up with Jirbo Inc. to create Kaplan SAT flashcubes, by taking a step further helping us revise from a different method. This app will help you lead the verbal section of the of the SAT examination. The Flashcubes prepared in this app has been created in the most enjoyable and interactive way, to help make studying more fun. Including in this app there is a Self-Study mode and a Multiple-choice Quiz mode also you can create custom made 500 word list of SAT vocabulary words.

5) SAT Math app: – 411 Prep’s SAT Math takes the estimation out of the paper preparation. The Flashcards on the app vary, which means you actually learn the math concept, than just memorizing the answers to the questions. 500 diverse questions and 2,600 different groupings, the SAT Math section should be a snap. Based on your target- Each example contains an advanced helping, designed for pupils aiming to achieve a score of 700 or higher.

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