Published On: Tue, May 8th, 2012

Best iPhone Apps for Shopping

Those days are gone when we had to leave our homes and walk or drive to the nearest store to buy anything. Now more and more people turn to the Internet for online shopping and discounts, sales on smart phones like iphone have made it so handy and time saving.

There are more sites to buy things than ever before, but it can still be difficult to find the best deal but thanks to iPhone that can help you to shop quickly and save your money as well. Below is the list of some best apps offered by iPhone for best and easy shopping to be done.

Best iPhone Apps for Shoppers


This is a free app offered by iPhone with the help of which you can get a full access to the market place catalogue. You can make purchases directly from the app and can compare the list of new and second hand things. Using this app you can find the online and market rate of the product which will help you to save your money by buying the things at reasonable and low prices. Another feature of this app is that while searching for items, you can either type its name or scan the barcode to display its price and other information.


This app lets you scan in a product’s bar code and pull up a list of online shopping results to compare prices. Red Laser works with both UPC and ISBN bar codes. After scanning the bar code it displays results from online and local retailers, enabling you to compare prices and make sure you couldn’t get the same item at a cheaper rate. This app is offered free of cost by iPhone and is best for shopaholic people.


This app helps you to calculate the prices of the products which have discount on them in percentage like you are buying a shoe pair whose price is 20$ having 20% discount, all you need to do is enter the price and discount percentage in your phone then all calculation will be done by this app itself. This app will also tell the amount of sale tax on each product and will work with any country’s currency. This app will also tell you the details of money exchange so you can easily shop abroad. This app is offered absolutely free which is like a heavenly experience.


This free app offered by iPhone provides you location to create a list of nearby retailers that are offering coupons and discounts. You just go on the store, view the offer, and if you’re interested in the discount, you can bring up the coupon. Many stores will either scan the code directly from your iPhone or type it in or you can get the copy of that coupon for the stores who do not have scanning facility. This free app will save your money by using those discount coupons.


This application is designed for those shoppers who use a lot of coupons and loyalty cards. It saves all of your valuable information in your iPhone, which only you can access. Keychain has a built in QR and bar code generator, so you can throw away your wallet and add all of your favorite coupons and cards into keychain and ring them up in no time. This app will help them to keep all these loyalty cards at one place safely so u don’t have to search your bag for finding the loyalty cards. This app will also help you scan the loyalty cards into your phone, and sign up to new schemes and search for other discounts available through the app. You can also share your loyalty cards with other members also and this app will keep the information save even if you lose your card. This app is free of cost but its uses are so worthy.

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