Published On: Sun, Jun 3rd, 2012

Best iPhone Apps for Teens

Teens are always seeking for something new to do and make their lives exciting. Have you and your friends ever found yourselves sitting around with nothing to do? To remove your boredom, apple has contributed to add excitement in your life by his new and latest apps. All you need to do is to select a right app according to the situation and cease the moment. Funny thing is you can use these apps in your boring history class and make it less bored.

Below are some latest apps developed by apple for iphone that can add excitement and fun in teens boring and dull moments.

Cheats for New Super Mario Bros:

New super Mario is very much popular in teens now a day. This game is very thrilling and interesting and to add more fun in it iphone has introduced a free list of super Mario cheats and codes. These cheats will make this game easier for the beginners. These cheats will also unlock different locked levels, will give extra or infinite lives which will help you to practice difficult stages, hidden easter eggs, autopilot modes and lot more cool stuff.

Playing Mario was never of so fun but now with these cheats you can learn and enjoy the game more and can improve your playing skills and compete with your friends. This app is free and you can use it even when you are offline.


Another exciting app of iphone for teens that can make you laugh when you see how you and friends look like when they will grow up or become old. By this app you can age up your face in less than a second or so. You can test your face according to different ages like 45, 60, 70 or 80. Using this app you can see your skin with wrinkles, falling or grey hairs according to the age you selected, even less teeth in your mouth if you are smiling in the picture.

While using this app simply upload your photo and then select the age of aging you want to see on your face and erasing the screen you will see your face getting older. You can save this picture in your phone, share it with friends and upload on facebook and get funny comments on it. This app is free of cost.

Talking Justin Bieber :

Talking Justin Bieber is fun and entertaining app for teens especially for Justin Bieber’s fans. Now he is at your finger tips to speak, sing and will act according to your finger touch. You can do loads of fun with this app, he will talk what you want, he will react according to your touch like when you touch his lips, he will kiss, touching his head, nose and face he will give you surprise reactions and make funny faces. You can also dress him up according to your choice.

This free app will provide you opportunity to record the videos and voice of Justin and share it with your friends and upload it on facebook. All you need to do is to download this free app and enjoy the experience of using it.

Funny call:

This iphone app is one of the best entertaining app for teens. This app transforms your voice so you can prank call your friends and family in different voices and styles. Teens use this app to make their friends fool and enjoy the situation but it should not be dangerous pranks. It can produce sound like a creepy man, woman, Hip Hop Artist, chipmunk, old lady or girl etc. You will hear your normal voice but the person on the other side will be listening to your modified voice.

Air horn:

On the parties, sports and celebrations teens love to make a lot of noise and enjoy the moment. Iphone has designed another app that can help teens to enjoy and annoy their friends by making loud horn sound , it can be an annoying reminder of parties and events. Just shake your iphone and a loud voice will be made. This app is free.



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