Published On: Sun, May 20th, 2012

Best iPhone Apps Used by Students and Teachers in Schools of California

Fun, games, hangouts and competition, is all we do during our summer break. Well now, summer is over and back to school! We proudly say and we know apple would speak for us too when we say, everything in the Apple Store is not purely entertainment and pleasure. Our young generation won’t be acquainted with the back to school app collection. This article will point out the must haves of 2012. You students yourself should check out some of the handy educational tools and references guide in the app store today.

Following are the List of apps used by students and teachers in the schools of California

1) Amazon Kindle: – With books more than 900,000 available in the Kindle store, ranging from the list of best sellers to new releases. Dictionaries are important is a student’s life, Instant tap and search dictionary is a wonderful edition with words as many as 250,000 entries and definitions. An amazing application and it won’t even cost you a penny.  Free.

2) eClicker: – This incredible app allows your tutors or class teachers to take questionnaires during lesson time regarding the level of knowledge and understanding a child is pursuing. This application can be very helpful to teachers, helping them improve their ways of teaching through feedback for a bigger and brighter future of our young generation. This app is produced for the smartphones devices and notebooks available at an amazing price of, HOST $9.99 (1-19 units) and $4.55 (20+ units).

3) iCard slot: – Remembering important notes and concepts are the everyday average things in a school life, nothing new in that! Forgetting them may end your year poorly. iCard helps you to visually organize ideas quickly and easily. Whether it is study group sessions or school projects. You can simply brainstorm ideas and place them on your card. Handling and creating as many countless card decks as you go along. Once you’re done you can share with your friends. $5.99

4) iStudiez Pro: –  Crazy busy routine, Especially during a year end. This Award-Winning application in various categories including ”best educational app” and ” best parenting app,” arranges your schedule for anything you need whether it is preparing your homework timings or meeting your school project deadlines. It follows up your homework, Keeps you on track, calculates your GPA, and always keeps you on your toes. Best of all, it guards your data against hackers. $2.99

5) Flashcard Deluxe: – Exams coming up? And don’t know if you will be able to cover the entire syllabus outline? We have one classic method in mind with a new techno twist. Flashcards on your phone of course! This app is extremely easy to use; you can study anything you want. Write them from your notebook or straight from your application. You can effortlessly improve and make yourself better at any subject you wish to advance. With its easy navigation system, controlling your knowledge will be at your fingertips. $3.99.

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