Published On: Fri, Nov 15th, 2013

Best iPhone Gadgets for the Home

We know iPhones are the perfect gadget on the road, at work, and anywhere else you go, but there are several new plug-in apps that make life at home more enjoyable and efficient. Maybe that’s why Apple sold 33.8 million iPhones in their most recent quarter this year–typically the slowest quarter of the year. That’s also why Apple expects to earn up to $58 billion for its first quarter next year.

Iphone 4

iPhone’s Green Thumb App

If you love to care for your home’s plants, there’s an app for that. Koubachi makes a plug-in app for your iPhone that you stick into your plant pots. It takes vital readings and relays the information to your iPhone, giving you exact care instructions. Now, you don’t have to guess what your plant needs, your phone will tell you.

Take Credit Cards at Home

Running a business from home presents challenges. First, you need a business idea that’s profitable and can be run from your kitchen table. Most importantly, you need a way to accept payments from your customers. That’s why Inuit created gopayment, a credit card swiping device that plugs into your phone.

The small, square device works exactly like other credit card processors and is available anywhere you get cell reception. It also links up to Quickbooks and lets you track sales. You can see how it works and view gopayment plans on Intuit’s website.

Eye More Free TV at Home

Elgato’s EyeTV Mobile device plugs right into your iPhone 5 (c and s models included), providing access to an array of “free” TV programming. The best part is you don’t connect via internet, so the app does not eat up expensive data plan minutes.

With the device, you can watch TV shows at home without spending lots of money on cable, or data streams. You can also stop content and record shows, according to its developer This is perfect for the times when no one can agree on what to watch.

Warm Your Nest

With the Nest Thermostat and your iPhone, you can automatically control the temperature inside the house with a few swipes. Nest’s unique thermostat pairs up with your phone so you can set the temperature while on your way home from work, or set a timer to increase the temperature, according to

It’s also easy to adjust settings and create a heating or cooling schedule to save money on your energy bills. The app also tracks energy usage throughout the home. Nest also makes a CO2 detector letting you monitor your home while away.

Robo Home Companion

Your kids will love Romo, and so will you. This robot plugs into your iPhone and becomes your (or your kid’s) best friend. It has incredible features like the ability to “see” who’s talking to it with advanced face detection software. It can also be trained to learn about you so that it adapts as your kids grow older.

Romo has a motorized base you can control, so you can actually move your iPhone throughout the house, according to Mom or dad can move from room to room and have face time with the kids, even when they are on business trips.


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