Published On: Sat, Apr 7th, 2012

Career as a Web Developer

Information Technology (I.T) is going to stay in the market as it has become the part of our lives and now we are living in the age of flux of information. Child uses iPad for learning and almost every company now has its I.T department to manage their networks, computer programming, web portal and other related fields. This trend is going to expand which in turn will generate jobs in this field as well, and the people who are working in this field will have bundle of opportunities in the coming years.

Career as a Web Developer

Web developers develop and maintain websites as per the customer requirements. To be a web developer one must have the knowledge of programming languages like HTML, software programs, web applications and their design principles. If you are good developers then you can find job as a full time, part time as well as you can work as a freelancer. Employers are looking for bachelor’s degree in computer science or in I.T or if you are a certified web Developer (CWP) or any other web related certification.

 Following are the list of hot skills required for web development these days. As in the era of Web 2.0 website, where the focus is on user experience and interactivity so that the users are allowed to share content and give their input as well.


 2) ASP/SQL Server/Access

 3) Javascript/AJAX


 5) Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)




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