Published On: Mon, Apr 9th, 2012

Career in Project Management

It is an era where every organization required computers and information technology infrastructure to carry out its businesses in efficient manner. Computer system analyst selects both hardware and software keeping in mind the requirements of the company

Project Management and Software Implementation Analyst

According to the Labor stats, 22.1% growth is expected in this field from 2010 to 2020 and average salary of a developer is $77,740 in 2010. Following is the list of specific areas of this field that are in great demand:


Project Manager:

To ensure the timely completion of the whole project, a project manager works as a link between the stakeholders of the project. Basic purpose of project manager is to look for the best practices and implement it in your projects for the successful completion of the projects and avoid the waste of money and time of the company. Right now there is a huge demand for these project mangers because success rate of I.T projects is only 35% as per the findings. For a project manager the primary skill he should have is organization and then experience of managing complex projects along with the degree in computing or information technology or project management certifications.

Software Implementation Analyst:

To ensure the smooth deployment of new software or up-gradation of existing software, companies required software implementation analyst. This analyst works as a link between the developers and implementation team for proper deployment of the software. This person compiles the needs of the company and contact vendors or developers to make sure that the new system fulfills the requirements. Companies normally look for those candidates who have the computer science or engineering degree along with some certifications in this field and must be having the knowledge of company’s operations related to business and technology.


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