Published On: Fri, Jan 13th, 2012

Cisco Certified Architect (CCA)

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2. Cisco Certified Architect (CCA)

According to Cisco’s Weiller says. “The CCA builds upon the CCDE program, which in itself is very much in demand. Networks have become very sophisticated and to be able to design and build a network that can adapt to changing needs and stand the test of time is critically important in making an individual successful in a networking career.”

Nickname of CCA is Ph.D. in Cisco. In 2009 Cisco added this certification in their educational roster with a new layer of expertise. To be a CCA one must have the Cisco Certified Design Experts (CCDE) plus 10 years experience. CCA training includes C level know how and skills to avoid the inefficient investments in technology business and align business goals with network projects.



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    Thanks for sharing this informative post. CCA is one of the demanded courses with good pay and carrier in this field will be successful and there are various types of posts related to Cisco Certified Architect.

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