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Columbia University Department of Computer Science

Columbia University is a prestigious learning institute for students dreaming a bright future, a guide to a successful career. Located in Manhattan’s Morningside Heights, New York, a private university established in 1754, Ranked 15th position in the entire world by Times higher education this year.

Total campus area occupied of 36 acres, meaning a lot of room for students to spread out

What is Columbia University famous for? 

There are many interesting facts about Columbia University, one interesting fact about Columbia and often reminded to fellow undergraduate students, Columbia is one of handful universities in the United States that was started prior to the Revolution and when Eisenhower was president of Columbia, he had left the army to join presidency.

Famous Alumni Personalities …

1. Barrack Obama- The 44th and current president of the United States
2. Theodore Roosevelt – The 26th President of the United States.
3. John Lindsay – Mayor of New York.
4. Seth Low CC- Mayor of New York.
5. Wellington Koo- Prime Minister of China.
6. David J. Stern – President of the NBA.
7.Robert Shaye CLS’64 – New Line Cinema CEO.
8. Roone Arledge CC’52 – Former president of ABC News and winner of 36 Emmys.
9. Anna Paquin CC 2004 – Actor, Oscar winner.
10. Brad Meltzer CLS’96 – legal thriller writer

Above list is comprised of  just a few of the famous personalities who decided to enroll themselves in the educational program of Columbia University, and undoubtedly, they succeed well.

Computer science department

The computer science department is split between the building leaving room for another department, Schapiro Center for Engineering and Physical Science Research (CEPSR).
The department consists of students with high intellectual level to survive the semester based academic calendar. With many appealing student organizations to join from and classroom courses using an integrated approach, students harden themselves to a rapidly changing field. They are comfortable in engaging in both applied and hypothetical growths in computer science as they happen.

The total tuition fee of computer science majors costs around, $45,290 (2011-12), 5,888 undergraduate students are already enrolled in Columbia University, 52% male students and 48% female students. 1st January of every year, is application deadline.

Reasons why Columbia University is a cleantech leader…

The Columbia University’s stewardship office encourages campus students to work together, this way it helps ‘’to reduce consumption of resources in classrooms, offices and residences and it helps us develop respect for the environment’’

Columbia has made the effort of purchasing 16% of its food locally, including serving ORGANIC foods in selected dining hall campuses.

During Christmas, the environmental stewardship office created a program called the Clean, Give +GO recycling and donation drive. With other departments helping too, they successfully gathered thousands of clothes, as well as food, techno utensils and other items for the homeless people in need distributing through Non-profit organizations.

Columbia University recently found a way to reduce heating and cooling consumptions through all their campus buildings, currently under consideration with the help of computerized building management. Energy audits are being performed on how to make the ‘’ cool Columbia campaign’’ a successful hit.

Columbia University offers a range of activates on and off campus, the very own rugby team ‘’The Columbia Lions’’ and ‘’Urban New York’’ – an organization featuring entertainment by providing free tickets to events in New York’s Big Apple.

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