Published On: Tue, Jul 19th, 2016

Creating the Ultimate Gaming Room

Whether you’re a classic console gamer, or your home is suddenly a new hotspot for Pokémon Go, it’s every gamer’s dream to have an epic room to level up their game. Some of us at Home Improvement Leads are familiar with legendary items, class-specific gear, and skill points. Here are a few of our favorite tips to create a gaming paradise.

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Make the Most of Your Space

If you don’t have a huge room dedicated to gaming, you may come across the problem of limited space. Look for furniture that has more than one function, like a storage ottoman that can also double as extra seating. Coffee tables can house your video game collection, and you can set those cans of Mountain Dew on top while you fight a boss battle.

For your entertainment center, make sure you have plenty of space for your consoles. You may even want show off your collection with a cubby system and specialty lighting. Be sure to save a spot for the new mini NES! Wall mounting your TV is a great solution, as it can improve your posture while gaming, offer everyone a great view, and open up space in your storage unit.


Nerd Out with Your Decor

There’s probably more than one game you simply love. Whether it’s a classic like the Legend of Zelda or Mega Man, or a newer game like Division or Fallout, you can proudly wave your nerd flag with some legendary decor.

Need an end table? Why not make one out of a question mark box from the Mario games? Frame game release posters if you love the art style, and create a movie theater aesthetic. Or, light up your walls with neon arcade signs. The sky (or your HP) is the limit, so get creative!


Refresh with Convenience

If you’re hosting a co-op gaming party, you may not want your guests to cross your home every time they need refreshments. Purchase a mini fridge and even look into building a mini bar for snacks, drinks, and ice.

If you can set up your gaming room near a bathroom, you will reduce the flow of traffic that crosses your home. Additionally, make sure you have everything you need — seating, blankets, cups, utensils, etc. stocked nearby. After all, no one wants to hear “Can we pause it?” during an epic battle. Newbs.

So game on, friends, but game on with style. Your ultimate gaming room potential is out there waiting. Are you bold enough to accept your mission?

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