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Database Careers

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DataBase Careers

Following are the DataBase Careers

Database Administrator (DBA):

Every industry generates data and this data must be stored, managed and organized. DBA is the person who installs, configure, upgrade, administrate, monitor and maintain this physical data.

According to the Labor stats, 30.6 % growth is expected in this field from 2010 to 2020 and average salary of a developer is $73,490 in 2010. Following is the list of specific areas of this field that are in great demand:

Oracle Database Administrator:

As most companies are using the Oracle server to maintain their users, so Oracle DBAs are in demand to create / maintain their database. Sometimes a single person can play a role of DBA or if company has many users then a group of DBAs maintain this huge database. Companies are looking for those applicants who have experience in this field as well as who have more than 10 certifications like in Oracle and other platform like SQL Server 2000 & 2005.

 Data Modeler:

Database administrator maintains the database whereas the data modeler designs this database which DBA maintain. Data modeler actually creates data design and their relationships. This data modeler can only be a great asset for a business if it is created efficiently. So in order to have an effective data modeling, companies are looking for a good data modelers who have knowledge to the data modeling tool like ERWin, and have experience in more than database.

In the field of information technology the databases skills are highly essential.

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