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Different Methods to Minimize the Size Of Outlook Data File

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If you are regular Outlook user especially when integrated with Exchange Server, you might be observing size of Outlook data file (PST) is increasing too large. In such cases little bit of care periodically will help Outlook to run better. Along with some other benefits like corruption can be avoided that is usually cause by oversizing of PST file in Outlook. Additionally, reducing the size of PST file also proves helpful in safeguarding mailbox data from being lost. When the size of PST reached to its prescribed limit then Outlook starts showing error messages or observes freezing or hanging issues during working. So this guide will help you to get familiar with different methods to minimize the size of Outlook data file in MS Outlook.

What All Benefits You Can Have After ReducingPST File Size?

  • Once you have reduced the size of PST file Outlook starts performing better. Users can send/receive messages without any kind of delay or hanging issues.
  • Corruption due to oversizing can be avoided because PST file reaches to its size limit then there are chances that it might become corrupt.
  • The fear of losing data can be eliminated forever as maintaining PST file size leads to smooth functioning of Outlook application.
  • When any user opens Outlook it takes time to load a message, so if PST file size is maintained properly then Outlook perform better in communication.

Ways To Reduce The PST File Size

  1. The first and simple way to reduce the size of PST file is deleting Deleted and Sent items folder from PST mailbox items. Clearing all sent and deleted items will help to reduce the size of PST file.
  2. Eliminating duplicate items from PST file mailbox also helps to reduce the size of PST file. Find out all duplicate items from PST using search feature and try to delete all of them to make space in PST file.
  3. Next option to reduce the size of PST file is Archiving process. If you are not comfortable in deleting Outlook items then this method works just fine. For this open MS Outlook application and click on File
  • Then click on Cleanup Tools and then Mailbox Cleanup.



  • Now Mailbox Cleanup window will appear first click on View Mailbox Size for viewing total size of mailbox and other related folders.


  • Users can find out the messages for particular period in find more than or find larger than options.
  • Use ‘Find Items Older Than *** Days’ option and enter a value for which you require to find out data.
  • Similarly, use ‘Find item larger than *** Kilobytes’ option and find out the messages that are more you entered value. Click on Find option to start the find procedure in Outlook.


  • You can also use Auto Archive Option in Outlook to move old items to archive file.‘AutoArchive’ option help to manage space in PST file mailbox by moving old items to an archive location.


  • The size of deleted items folder can be also viewed by clicking on ‘View Deleted Items Size’ option. Moreover, users can permanently delete all items from Deleted Items folder by clicking on Empty


  • Finally, click onClose to exit from ‘Mailbox Cleanup’ set up window.

Compact Now Option

Another way to reduce the size of PST file is compact now option. This compact now option help to cover up the white space in PST file which is consumed by deleted items. Compacting PST file will help to permanently delete all items from hard drive of computer.

  • For doing this open MS Outlook application and delete all items that you do not want to keep in PST file.
  • Now open Folder List view and click on Folder List folder which is displayed at the bottom of the Navigation pane.
  • Right click on Deleted Items folder and click on Empty Folder from the Navigation pane.
  • Now go to ‘File’ tab and click on Account Settings then again click on Account Settings.


  • Click on Data Files tab once account settings window will open on screen of computer.
  • Select the PST file for which you to perform compaction process and click on Settings to proceed further.


  • Click on Compact Now option from the Outlook Data File window that appears on your screen.
  • Note: Do not exit MS Outlook application instantly after you compact your PST file.

Perfect Method For Reducing PST File Size

If you are not satisfied with working of above suggested methods to reduce the size of PST file then we recommend you to use PST Compress Tool. The tool will help to reduce the size of PST file by removing email attachments from the PST file. Users if required can extract and save email attachments in hard disk of system in compressed form. Software has ability to reduce the size of bulk PST files at once without hampering original contents of PST files.


Author Bio: As author of MS Outlook Tools, Peter has experience more than 20 years in IT industry and he is now working with an expert data recovery firm. He has quality expertise in the Office products especially in Microsoft Outlook and love to solve users query by providing excellent solutions.


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