Published On: Wed, May 23rd, 2012

DVD Player Buying Advice

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 DVD Player Buying Advice and Selection

Many times when you explore the market and get impulsive for buying the most expensive DVD player that attracts you more than others of the same quality. Being high in price does not assure that it is the best among all in terms of OSD (on screen display), sound, video quality and various other features. Today, you are mesmerized to see lots of tech hardware of the same category in stores. That’s why; it’s very likely that you get confused about which one to buy from such a vast variety.

 What’s in a good DVD PLAYER?

A perfect DVD player does not necessarily has to be expensive or posh looking with glamorous sleek form factor and crystal bright LCD. It must be very efficient in functioning, be it simple DVD player or state-of-the-art progressive scan DVD player. Make sure it has these features:

  • the ability to zoom in and freeze on a picture
  • alternate ending to movies and special director cuts
  • music sound track-only listening
  • multiple language options
  • best sound and picture quality
  • Complete accessories such as power cable, wires, dust cover, remote controller etc.

Above all, your DVD player should meet specific requirements according to your taste and preferences. It must be compatible with your TV, plasma or LCD to enhance viewer’s experience and avoid frustration.

 Authorized dealer

Buy DVD player only from an authorized dealer, who will give complete warranty for six months to one year or even more. They usually sell tech hardware products at regular price. They also offer complete customer care support and services to help you select the best item and how to use it properly. You can get instant assistance in case of any problem with your DVD player. They can even replace any damaged or poorly-functioning part in it free of cost or for a minimal amount.

Finding the best dealer is all plain sailing. You can surf the internet to get an idea of which vendors are at top and what is their best-selling DVD player. It will surely make things easier for you.

 User’s reviews and ratings

Reading customer’s reviews is a highly sensible way to get complete know-how about any electronic product. Same is true for DVD player. You can open top-notch online stores and websites to see what users are saying about different DVD players they bought and used. They will openly share their experiences including positive side and flaws, which will surely let you take right decision. You can even interact with them or seller to know what players are right for you. Online chat is another instant way to negotiate and discuss important things about item you wish to buy. You can compare different brands as well.

Price of a DVD player

Generally, cost of DVD should not be taken as the main issue. You should focus on its quality and compatibility more than any other thing. Price of a normal DVD can be less than $150. Others that come with extra accessories and complete home entertainment have higher price. These have some added features as compared to simpler ones that can only play DVD and don’t have many options.


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  1. Kay Smith says:

    This very good DVD player buying advice. I will recommend this to my friend because he is looking to buy a new player.

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