Published On: Tue, Mar 13th, 2012

Expectation and Rumors about iphone 5

Expected Features of iPhone 5:

Apple is going to introduce its new iPhone 5 in summer of 2012, as soon as this news broke out everyone start taking about how this new iPhone 5 will be look like. If you are an iPhone fan and wants to know about the news and rumors about the upcoming next generation iPhone then following is the aggregated news from the market.

Expected Design of iphone 5:

Some says that new iPhone will have the curved design like the iPhone 3G, other says that it will have the tapered design, means thinner bottom as compare to top of the phone, and other rumors suggest that this phone will have metallic back. According to some tech sources that there are 98% chances that the new iPhone 5 will have aluminum body, smaller, thinner and little wider as well than the previous model.

Other new thing is the capacitive and rectangular home button, from which you will be able to unlock your phone and surf the internet as well. Benefit of this button is you don’t have to swipe the screen to unlock your phone.

According to the Frederico Ciccarese an autonomous designer the new iPhone 5 will look like as the following image:

Internal Features of iphone 5:

It is expected the new iPhone 5 will have the A5 processor which have ARM’s Cortex A9 architecture and 1 GB RAM as compare to 512 MB in the iPhone 4S. A rumor about the camera is that it is going to be better than 8 megapixels. Apple is going to add more capabilities into its voice control system that is “Siri” in its new iPhone 5 to boost the Artificial Intelligence AI of this app.

Near Field Communication (NFC):

NFC is MasterCard  pay pass technology; According to the MasterCard’s representative Apple is going to adapt this technology, on the basis of that representative’s statement, we can say that the new iPhone may have this post plastic mobile paying system. After adopting this technology iPhone will become an electronic wallet. Before that “Google wallet” is an app which allows android users to tap and pay, instead of using the physical credit card.

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