Published On: Sun, Jan 15th, 2012

Features of Microsoft Excel 2010

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Features of Excel 2010.

Custom Tab: In Excel 2010 you can create your own tab in which you can include favorite buttons, so you do not have to go through the different ribbon features like the screen shot below

Sparklines: One of most common task in Excel is creating charts, now in Excel 2010 sparklines feature has been added, which allows you to create the mini charts that fits in a single cell. Through this you can change the chart type and style as per your preferences.

Conditional Formatting: This feature lets you visualize your data in a different way, where each cell shows data along with the bars, color scale and icon sets as the below image shows

Slicers: Pivot table and charts are the most common features of Excel as they allow you filter and depict your data. Now in Excel 2010 capability of this feature has been enhanced by the slicers, which allows you to filter the table and charts through faster & interactive way.



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