Published On: Sun, Feb 12th, 2012

Foursquare Social Media app

Foursquare Social Media app Review

Foursquare is free Location based social media app that brings people together to connect, communicate and collaborate about what’s going on in their businesses and better share the experiences and events they are participating in.

 FourSquare app use gps technology to map your location. All smart phones are gps enabled including iphone, Android, Blackberry,Nokia etc.

There are broadly two ways to sign up for the foursquare either by using your existing facebook and twitter account or by signing up independently on foursquare website just to avoid facebook and twitter connections however this will cut down your chances to connect with more people or friends. Again it depends what is your concern on privacy ultimately you have to decide your comfort level. You can remain anonymous to people up to some extent while participating in different events.

You can check in to any location and your status will be updated in face book and twitter and people nearby would get to know you once you checked in. However, there is an option of checking in anonymously as well by which you can keep your identity.

Checking is the key factor in foursquare by checking in to different locations like conferences, parties, cafes, restaurants, hotels etc. More you check in to the different locations more points you are going to get. A person with more check ins becomes the mayor of the location.

What sort of benefits being a user you can get?  Your friends could see what you are doing and you could also see where your friends are, you can invite your friends and get invited as well. You can also give a tips and reviews just as you do on yelp about restaurants night clubs. You can also see your friends’ reviews on different cafes and restaurants for food and services so that next time you can plan your visits accordingly.

 You and your friends compete to become mayor as well. A person becomes mayor who has gone to particular place quite often. Businesses offer specials to the mayors to promote their businesses and offer attractive packages and incentives to the mayors. For instance, if you are mayor of one cafe then you would be provided special discounts. Many cafes have offered free coffees, pastries to the Mayors and also offer mayor specials, check in specials and frequency based specials.

 You can also find your check in history like what are the places you checked in last week where you can also find that how many of your friends were there on that particular day. You are also offered different badges based on what you have done on any particular place or how many times you went to that place.

 Don’ts for Foursquare: Please don’t check in at home, workplace and any other place where you think you don’t want to share your activities.Foursquare is meant for meet ups or meeting a new person to have a happy coincident.









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