Published On: Sun, Jun 3rd, 2012

Gaming Console Buying Advice in the Era of PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii

When PlayStation PS 3 by sony was first launched in 2006; Gamers believed Xbox 360 finally got some real competition, as is the Nintendo Wii. These gaming consoles have a lot to offer from, wireless controllers to online game play.

Things to consider before buying gaming consoles

If given an option to buy one best gaming device won’t be an easy decision. Though these have been the top 3 favorite of all time, all three of the machines still have something different to offer. After the official launch of PS3, Xbox 360 had already made its name in the market- Including from the most exciting games, famous online gaming service and downloadable movies and TV shows including watching HD DVD movies. Then we have the most-waited ‘PlayStation 3’, a little expensive but something which is considered a little superior to the Xbox 360. An impressive built-in Blu-ray drive, Wi-Fi networking, FREE online gaming, HDMI output, these little things which will keep the fans wanting more. Finally the Nintendo Wii, this device is something which probably any consumer could afford, definitely the most reasonable one.  A device with its motion sensitive controller and the ever growing library of retro games from past consoles is family-friendly. So at least one of these gaming devices might attract your attention, there is something for everyone to find the most appealing games and get started.

Xbox 360 last year had an amazing year a huge year for Xbox 360 gamers, and 2012 could be even bigger. Xbox 360 applauded their success in sales last year in 2011. Xbox 360 for the first time after several years topped the charts for the best product sold as compared to PS3 and Wii. PS3 with 6.5 million units sold worldwide underneath the much loved family-friendly Wii with 5.6 million units sold during the holiday period. Xbox 360 taking the trophy away with 8.2 million sales.

After much hard work the manufactures have put into Xbox 360, don’t you think they still would like to remain on top of the charts this year too? This year 2012, Xbox 360 came out with a few updates, Minor color issues and the improved performance for the Xbox Live.  Xbox 360 has certain amazing games all set to distribute exclusively this year, only for the Xbox 360. Including the ‘’Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary’’, Gears of War 3, Forza Motorsport 4, Alan’s Wake American nightmare.

So all you gaming nerds out there, plenty of amazing new games to wait for, whether it’s for PS3, Xbox or Wii, they sure know what will impress us. We on the other hand will have to see what Microsoft brings in the picture with its awaiting Xbox 720. Till then, we will also kick back and enjoy the new releases on our gaming pad or console of Xbox 360, inspecting a foreseen future of the gaming world.


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  1. emma carins says:

    Thats how i felt when i bought ps3 and my brother owned a xbox 360. playstation is much better than the xbox 360.

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