Published On: Fri, Apr 27th, 2012

Google Augmented Reality Glasses

Google glasses are another revolutionary invention. They are a pair of augmented reality glasses that seek to provide users real-time information right in front of their eyes.

These glasses might make you look like a movie character. The back of the lens leads to three Android buttons, pretty much like on other Android phones. The gadget is made by interconnected tube like structures. Other buttons are labeled in the following figure that will explain better about the glasses.

These glasses help you to check your emails, your Facebook updates, tell you about your whereabouts and provide you with map; it also helps you to tell the location of your nearest friend. The wearer goes about his day walking through the city while speaking commands to the glasses to do things such as take a photo and post it to Google+ and weather conditions and get pop-up alerts etc. it also includes the ability to send messages using your voice. These glasses will provide you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite music and the lens would display album cover.

GOOGLE glasses hybrid of smart phones:

Google is working on these glasses based cell phone concept aimed to eliminate phones. It display information typically handled by smart phones. It also stream your Smartphone from your pocket directly to your eyes means it provides you direct link to your Smartphone. With its 3G and 4G connection, GPRS and other environmental sensors Google glasses is a reality based wearable technology. Reports suggest the new smart goggles will feature a built-in camera and will look very much like a pair of Oakley Thumps. It is said that Google glasses is more like a concept than a project because we won’t see its official release for a long time but it is thought to be a rumor.

It is publically said that the location information was a major feature of the glasses though with the built-in camera on the glasses, Google will be able to stream images to its rack computers and smart phones. However it is easy to send messages through Google glasses rather than texting through your phones. The battery of these glasses is much better than mobile phones and it is convenient for handicaps to use these glasses rather than smart mobile phones. This technology could also revolutionize knowledge, manufacturing, and service industries allowing for fast access to needed data, maps, and schematics. These glasses gather more information about the wearer daily routine. It is considered to be a Smartphone with superior voice control and an entirely alternative display system. Using these glasses will make getting lost harder and finding the right goods in a store easier.


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