Published On: Wed, Aug 15th, 2012

Google Nexus vs iPad in Future Education

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How is it like to be a student in the future? Instead of a professor in front of the class discussing about the school year syllabus, you’ll be receiving in your email the list of apps needed to be downloaded for your subjects. Going to school? Not anymore. It might be just you and your tablet. Study anywhere you want, anytime you want. Isn’t cool?

Let’s get into some Tablet Battle here between the one who started it all and its latest contender. The pioneer is being challenged by a rising tablet star in the gadget world.Above, weighing 1.44 pounds, equipped with A5X chip quad-core graphics processor, with own ions, a 10-hour battery life, a 5-megapixel iSight camera and 1080p HD video, with astounding resolution of 3.1 pixels on a 9.7-inch space, from the pioneer: The New Apple iPad

Weighing 0.75 pounds, equipped with Tegra 3 quad-core processor, with the latest Android 4.1 OS aka “Jelly Bean”, a 12-core GPU, 8-hour battery life, a new Face Unlock feature on a hand-friendly 7-inch space,thegreatcontender:GoogleNexus7. With the birth of Google’s first ever tablet, it is making some noise. Not only because the demand seems higher than their initial supply, but also, because the features and price of it are highly appreciated by the market. It seems that Google’s Nexus 7 is the new “apple of the eye” of the consumers. Equally equipped with powerful processor and operating system, it is maximizing its edge on size and a competitive price.

On a bigger scale, how do these gadgets create impact to the education system? Technology has the power to revolutionize the learning system of the people. Tablets acts like an extension of our head. It can do for us the sensing, the seeing, the listening and the speaking. It can store history, mathematical equations, scientific processes, musical composition and a lot more. And having either Google Nexus or Apple iPad is like having the entire United States Library of Congress at the palm of your hands. Both of them promote interactive learning. With their high resolution, sharper, and richly-colored images and videos, even toddlers would be enticed to use them. They can be connected directly to HDTV for everyone to see. And move over transcriptionists, with Google Nexus’ voice control and iPad’s Dictation, not so diligent students have finally no excuse for not having notes about the lecture. That’s the power of voice encryption.


Over the years, Apple has polished a complete list of apps needed for a total classroom and learning experience anywhere you are. They have dedicated researches on this. On the other hand, Google Nexus can take advantage of its being for the masses, being lightweight, more affordable, high-quality components and being directly connected to Google Play to be a considered as a household and a school gadget. Thus, Google Nexus is giving the iPad a sweet blow in the tablet world.

This emerging competition may be compared to having public and exclusive education. The Google Nexus being open and connected to all while iPad giving you the feel of an exclusive world. Which one suits you?



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