Published On: Fri, Apr 27th, 2012

How to access iTunes, Movies in the Cloud from your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

Movies in the cloud available on iPhone,iPad 3 and Apple TV

“Movies in the Cloud” has recently been added to iTunes in the Cloud. This service allows you re-download iTunes that you have already bought for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. TV shows, iBooks, apps and music are available for past few years, but movies are comparatively newer addition and there is confusion about their availability, compatibility and accessibility.

Where are “Movies in the Cloud” Available?

These are available internationally. You can buy these in U.S and many other countries, but their licensing deals are bit more complicated than TV.

Limitations with “Movies in the iCloud

“Movies in the Cloud” cannot be shared on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and iPod. Only those movies are shown that you have purchased through iTunes Store with the same iTunes account in the device. It means for every apple device you will have to buy the same movies separately.

Movies are excluded from iTunes Match

If you have those movies in iTunes library that you haven’t bought from iTunes Store, “iTunes Match” will not work for you. You will have to use app such as Air Video or Home Sharing to get access to them.

Movies in the Cloud-incompatible with Digital Copies

How Movies in the Cloud works with Digital Copies is a confusing matter for many Apple product users. It depends upon how the distributer decides to provide digital copy. If you open your DVD and there is iTunes code in the digital copy that can be redeemed, it’s great. All you have to do is simply redeem your code and there you have your digital copy. It will automatically display in iTunes and you can re-download it in any apple device.

In case you are asked to enter login info to some other service to redeem your movie, the process can get complicated.

For some movies you need to download particular software to play them. The simple way to get them work in your device is to ask distributor to provide you with an iTunes code. If you haven’t got digital copy through iTunes, you can’t download it through Movies in the Cloud.

“Movies in the Cloud” supports some movies only

There are some movies that are not supported by “Movies in the Cloud” such as 20th Century Fox and Universal. These are currently unavailable. HBO, Apple and some other studios are trying to work on this. Another important thing is, while a movie is on air on HBO, it may get removed from Movies in the Cloud.

How to re-download movies

Follow these steps to re-download movies in iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

1. Open “iTunes app” and tap “Purchased” button at the bottom. If this tab is not shown, then tap the “More” tab and see there.

2. Now tap movies from selection list and press “iCloud” icon beside any movies that you have previously bought from iTunes store.

To watch movies on Apple TV

It is quite simple:

1. On the right side there is Movies icon. Click on that. Now Click Purchased tab at the top of screen.

2. Now scroll up or down and click on the movie you wish to stream.

You cannot store it in the Apple TV because there is less internal storage capacity.

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