Published On: Wed, Jun 20th, 2012

How to Add Video in PowerPoint 2010 from the Web

If you want to add some fun to your PowerPoint presentation, then you can do this by adding video to your presentation. So, How to add video from web in PowerPoint 2010 how it can be possible? Yes, it is possible that you can add video to PowerPoint presentation, as PowerPoint 2010 enables you to embed video directly from internet. This opens up new possibilities for your PowerPoint presentation.

Following are the steps to show you how to add video in power point 2010 from the web

1) Open the PowerPoint slide where you wish to add a video. Then you need to select the Insert tab, further get to video, and then select the option video from web site. We have shown the same scenario in below screen shot.

2) Here, in below screen shot we are showing you to add video from YouTube. Therefore, you can copy the embed code as shown in the below screen shot.

3) Then you need to paste the copied code into the box of Insert video from website as shown in below screen image.

4) However, PowerPoint 2010 can’t allow you to use direct link into the option insert video from website box. If you are trying to use direct link, it will popup you with the message, as shown in below screen shot. So, it is better to use embed code instead of direct link.

5) You can see the video tools come up in the format tab (as shown in below screen shot); after you have entered embed code. You can use these tools in order to edit the video according to your own choice.

6) You can easily preview the video before the editing or after making the desired changes into it. Under the preview section in the ribbon, you can click on the Play button in order to preview the video as shown in below screen shot.

7) After watching the video in the slide, you can edit the overall appearance and other properties of the video. However, you can control the YouTube player to some level such as volume and playback. There are some editing options available with using your local video file.

This is really a very cool feature that comes up with PowerPoint 2010. You have now much bigger range of videos, which you can include in your PowerPoint presentations. However, for this purpose, your desktop computer or laptop must be connected with internet or you should have an internet connection available. So you can enjoy this exclusive feature more conveniently. You can play your favorite videos in the PowerPoint slides. In some contexts, where you are facing slow connection, then this feature will not be working. There are possibilities when you are facing slow connection, the video website might be down, or no internet connectivity. In addition, the video you want to add in your PowerPoint presentation might be removed from that particular side. Therefore, in order to get the maximum out of this amazing feature, you need to have active internet connection, so you can enjoy this feature.

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