Published On: Fri, May 4th, 2012

How to AutoFill web forms on iPhone and iPad

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We all love using our iPad and iPhone in our daily lives, from checking out the news and weather updates or simply browsing on our social networks. iPhone and iPad have brought a whole new web browsing experience to our lives.

With the increasing use of iPhone and iPad, we all come across the need to fill in the forms, give our personal information for one reason or another, and these forms start coming over and over again, no doubt becoming very annoying sometimes.

Autofilling web forms on iPhone and iPad

It would be a much relief if there would be an option that could save our time and automatically fill in all your relevant details in a matter of second, indeed you’ll get rid of a great hassle. Luckily, for those who don’t know yet, you can easily AutoFill these forms in a matter of seconds now. All this can be done by following the simple steps illustrated below!

Step 1)
Make sure that your iPhone software is up to date & that it has all the necessary updates.

Step 2)
The second step is to create a contact of you in the contact app. For this open the contacts app, click on the plus on the upper right corner to add a new contact.

Step 3)
Add in your all personal information, like your name, email address, home address, work info and all the necessary information that you deem fit. Once you are finished, hit the done button to complete the process.

Step 4)
Now open your ‘settings’ app on either your iPhone or iPad. You can find this on the first page of apps by the default settings.

Step 5)
From here you’ll see all your iPhone or iPad settings, continue scrolling down the page until you find the ‘safari’ icon. Now click open this.

Step 6)
Once you have opened the safari icon, now click on the ‘AutoFill’ option. You can find it easily in the Safari window settings. Tap on the AutoFill option.

Steps 7) now turn on the ‘Use contact info’.

Step 8 ) now tap on my info tab and select the contact that you have already created in the step 2. And that’s it; you are ready to go now!

Also you will see the icon of ‘Names and Passwords’. You can further use this option to save in your login and password details. This will help your iPhone or iPad remember your passwords and login details whenever you visit a website. If you don’t want this, simply hit the ‘Erase all’ button to delete all your login and password data.

Now whenever you visit a site and you need to enter in your personal data or the site needs your info, as soon as you click the first field to enter the relevant data, your keyboard will pop-up and there will be an option of AutoFill, select it and pour in all your relevant information in few clicks!

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