Published On: Wed, Feb 29th, 2012

How to backup and restore windows 7

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We all face system crashes, malware or virus attacks leading to complete system paralysis and losing all or important data. You could be one of those unfortunate persons who might lose files or data then you have the option to backup & restore your data easily in Windows 7.

Backing up Windows 7:

Windows 7 allows you to select your specific files, data or drives which you want to restore in case of bad hard drive by just setting the schedule of backing up.

Or if you want to backup your programs, system setting and files then Windows offer you the option of “System Image” if your hard drive or computer stops functioning. Which will create the copies of your Windows and Programs and files are also included in this.

You can enable the backup and restore option by following the following steps:

First click on the Start button and type the “backup” then it will give you the option regarding what you have typed, now click on the “Backup and Restore” option as below screen shows:

As you click on “Backup and Restore” shown in the above screen the following window will appear from that you have to click on “Set up backup” option if you have never used this option before to create the files backup and in case you want to create the image of your system them click on the left side option as shown in the below mentioned screen:

The new pop up window or wizard will appear and will let you to select the spot external drive for saving all your data, if you are a user of Windows professional or ultimate editions then it will allow you to save your data on the network as well, you can select your destination as you like and click on next:

After clicking on “Next” the new screen will let you to select what you want to backup or let windows do it for you and then click on next:

After that Windows will ask you, how frequently you want to save your backup files, when you click on the “change schedule” option then you can select from the 3 option which are ( I ) How Often, ( II ) What day, ( III ) What time and then click on “OK”.

After clicking on “OK” now click on “Save setting and run backup” option as the below screen shows which will create your first backup:

You can also manually backup your files by clicking on the backup option as the below screen shows:

Now backup has been saved now if something ever happen to your computer it’s easy to restore your files by just clicking on the “Restore my files” option as the below screen shows:


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  1. Aavishkar says:

    This article is about how to Back Up and Restore Data With Windows 7.It is really helpful for me to backup and restore data.

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