Published On: Thu, May 3rd, 2012

How to Change Metro Screen Background and Color in Windows 8

Changing Metro Start Screen Background and Color in Windows 8

Here you can find about Windows 8 user interface and how to change the metro start screen background and color. This particular article covers changing the RGBA color code values, such as ofuxtheme.dll file in the windows system 32 file folder. However, windows 8 user interface requires some knowledge about how to deal with handling color values or you can say color hex values and hex offsets via an editor. You can use the powerful tool called Windows 8 start Tweaker, as it is totally based on the graphical user interface. In addition to this, it is also a portable application to change the metro start screen background and color along with image of login screen. All you can do on just a single click.

However, you can also change or personalize your windows 8 screen through manual editing. This is not such difficult for anyone to change metro start screen background and color in windows 8. This is what your metro start screen background and image colors look like.

1) At the first place, you need to open the PC settings. After opening the PC setting, you have to click on the “personalize” placed in the right pane and then in the left pane on “start screen”. Below find the screen shot showing you how to do the job. The same has been highlighted or circled in the below screen shot.

From the above screen shot you can observe the arrows indicating towards choosing a background along with change the background color as well. This will change the metro screen background and background color. It is all depending on your choice. You can select the background and background color of your own choice.

2) At the second step, you can use the option of choosing or selecting the background and amending or modifying the background color. Here, it is also depending upon your own choice. You can select or choose the background along with background color of your own choice. The same has been mentioned in the above background as well as the below screen shot suggesting the same.

3) When the steps completed, you can click the windows key to return to the main start screen.

Lastly, as mentioned above there are some applications available like Windows 8 Start Tweaker that usually supports all sorts of image formats like PNG, BMP, JPG, and GIF etc. This is a very powerful tool to change the metro start screen background and color. According to developer of the application, the overall height of the image should be around double the overall height of screen resolution to fit on the whole screen. The windows 8 start tweaker could not change the default tile color that is green color. In we hope that developer will add an option to change the Windows 8 user and app tile colors in next version.


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  1. Thanks! That helps. Is there any trick to put any image I want as background in Metro screen?

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