Published On: Fri, Jun 29th, 2012

How to Change the TextSize of the Webpage in Firefox Browser

We all have encountered problems while reading the text on certain web pages. Sometimes it is too small for us to read and then there are times when the font size is too big and does not adjust on the screen properly. Moreover, sometimes we need to adjust the font size for all the web pages that we visit and sometimes font adjustment is only required for a specific web page. We will discuss on how to change the text sizes on Firefox browser.

How to change the size of the webpage in Mozilla Firefox Browser

– Size of a particular web page can be temporarily increased by clicking “Ctrl” and “+” or it can be temporarily decreased by clicking “Ctrl” and “-”. This can also be done by clicking on “View” on the Menu Bar of Mozilla Firefox browser and then taking the cursor over the “Text Size” option; you can temporarily increase or decrease the size of a particular web page from here.

– If you want to permanently adjust the text size for all the web pages that you browse on Mozilla Firefox, you will have to click on “Tools” on the menu bar and then click on “Options”. Then click on the “Content” tab. From here you can adjust your font style and font size. Whatever changes you make will be for all the web pages that you surf. After you have altered the font, click on “OK”


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