Published On: Thu, Jan 26th, 2012

How to control facebook and twitter from google+ account

Controlling facebook and twitter statuses from google+

If you are feeling uncomfortable or overloaded to manage your many social networks accounts and you want to use all these accounts simultaneously then use this free of cost plug-in which is called “SG Plus”. Right now it is available for Firefox, Safari and Chrome web browsers and you can only use this through the Google+ account.

If you are using Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites and now Google has also launched its Google+ which is what you were waiting for but you are already overloaded with the previous social sites, here comes the SG Plus to help you in this case. It helps you to update your Facebook and Twitter accounts from your Google+ account. Now perform the following Steps to download and use this add on.

Step 1: Download this plug-in for your browser, like if you are using the Google chrome browser and you search for SG Plus then chrome web store will give you the following results, now click on the “Add to chrome” as the following screen shows:






Step 2: Once it’s been added into to your browser then logon to your Google+ account

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Step 3: Now you will notice something new at the top of your Google+ account a power symbol which is the logo of SG Plus, as the following image shows.









Step 4: Now you can link your Twitter and Facebook account while using your respective account credentials. Once you linked these accounts, next time when you will post something on Google+ it will also give you the option to share on other linked social media sites. You can also download pictures from Facebook account to your Google+ account.

One can also access Gmail account from the same browser to check unread emails as the following screen shows. You can also turn it off from the power symbol button, for reference see the image of step 3.

This is how you can use this SGPlus plug-in.


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