Published On: Sat, Apr 21st, 2012

How to copy, paste, and perform basic text editing on your iPad 3

Many iPad 3 users complain about having difficulty in text editing and related issues. It is not a highly technical or complicated task to do. With some practice you will be able to type or edit docs efficiently and smoothly. Simply follow these instructions and enjoy this state-of-the art gadget. We will take you from the very beginning and assume that we have to start from installing the basic document editing apps.

Step 1. Choose the most suitable app.

Doc2, Pages for iPad 3 are perfect for document editing apps or you can call them word processor for iPad 3. Spreadsheets can be typed and edited through Sheet2 or Numbers. Quickoffice Connect, Office2 HD and Documents to Go are also popular. Pages app is a full featured app that has copy, paste, cut and format capability. All these applications support Ms Office document format. These come with different features. Carefully read descriptions before making any deal.

Step 2. Installing app

To edit documents on iPad, installing application is needed after it is downloaded. It will enable you edit document format. For moving docs between iPad and computer, you require cloud sharing service app.

Step 3. How to select text

You can select text as you normally do in any tablet PC. Double tap a paragraph and stretch your fingers to highlight text that you wish to copy. To be more accurate, after tapping hold there and then slide around to get cursor through magnifying glass feature.

Step 4. Copy or Cut

Once text is selected, pop-up menu appears with various options. You can tap “copy” or “cut” as you need.

Step 5.  How to paste

Select a destination where you want to paste copied text such as in email, blank document or any other page. Double tap on that screen. Tap “Paste” on the pop-up menu that appears on iPad screen.

Step 6. Saving text

Save changes made with the “Save” feature. “Pages” is an app that automatically saves document while you edit. But for others, you have to manually perform saving action.

Some important typing tips are given below to make task easier.

Adding full stop

While typing text, when you come to the end of a sentence, double tap space bar to add full stop and a space. This will happen instantly. Now you can begin your next sentence. Repeat the step after each sentence is finished to jump to the next one.

One touch at a time

Make sure you touch one finger on the screen at a time. iPad will not recognized more than one touches on the screen at the same time. In double tapping, press screen twice.

External keyboard

Add-on keyboard can be attached externally. It has port which is easy to use, and the iPad can rest on top of that. This is needed for prolific writers, who need to type reports, articles, press releases and documents.

Auto Saving with iCloud

Documents and presentations can be created and edited efficiently with iCloud. No need to save docs every minute or two. It will do it for you automatically with all recent and latest edits. Some apps such as Pages and Numbers already have iCloud built-into them. You can even create docs on iPad and access these to update or make changes on other iCloud supporting devices such as iPhone and iPod touch.

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