Published On: Wed, May 30th, 2012

How to Create a Master Document in Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 comes up with the functionality of either breaking or splitting a long document into various or multiple word files. Or you can create a master document from various multiple small documents.

1)Now, it’s up to you whether to create one document right from the scratch. So, we will start with the scenario of breaking a master document into small subdocuments. Therefore, save the file with name you want to save your master document. Keep remember that you are just starting a new master document and splitting it into subdocuments. So, after saving your master document file, you need to click on the view tab and then further click on the outline as shown in below screen image.

2)In the outline form, you need to start entering the main headings for your document. You can use the green right, drop-down list of level styles, and left arrows right in the section of outline tools in the outlining tab in order to change headings levels. We have shown in below screen image.

3)After you have entered headings, which you want to enter, you need to click on the show document in the outline tab of the master document section. We are showing you this in below screenshot.

4)In the outlining tab, you will find more available options. You need to select the whole outline in your document and then click on “create” as shown in below screen image.

5)Click on create encloses on each document in its own particular box. Also, at this point don’t forget to save your master document as shown in below screenshot.

6)Now each of the boxes will become an individual word document as shown in below screenshot whereas the file name will remain as the first heading name in each box of master document.

7)You need to click on the “close outline view” in order to go back to the previous view.

8)At the start of your document, you need to put your mouse cursor in order to add table of contents in your master document.  You need to choose the automatic option in order to add an automated generated table of contents.

9)You can click on the home tab in order to see the section breaks included or inserted by Microsoft word 2010. We are showing this in below screenshots.

10)Whereas, below screenshot is showing how your word document will looks like in the outline mode with having subdocuments being expanded.

So, we have split a master document into small subdocuments. Let’s move on to second scenario , in which we will create a master document from small subdocuments.

1)In below screenshot, we are showing you how to insert existing subdocuments into a master document.

2)We are showing you in below screenshot, where you can see how to insert subdocuments by clicking on the insert subdocument dialog box.

3)A dialog box will appear and ask about style of the subdocuments and master document. You need to click on the “yes to all” buttons as shown in below image.

4)Repeat all the steps for the insertion of subdocuments in the master document after you have inserted all your subdocuments. So, now you can view all subdocuments by just clicking on the Collapse Subdocuments in the section of outlining tab in Master Document. We have captured this in below screenshot.

5)However, you must save the master document.

6)In order to view the master document in the non-outline view mode, you need to click on view tab and then click print layout.

However, you can also add table of contents as mentioned above. Also, you have the option to edit all headers and footers.

Therefore, you have learned both scenarios, to create a master document from subdocuments and to split a master document into subdocuments.

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