Published On: Mon, Jan 30th, 2012

How to create folder in iphone

Creating folder in iphone and rearranging apps on the screen

If you are feeling uncomfortable to manage your iphone screen because you have hundreds of apps installed, then use the option of creating folders to simplify your screen.

Perform the following Steps to create the folder and reorganize your screen:

Step 1: Tap your finger on an app and hold it for couple of seconds on your iphone screen, till every icon starts to shake/jiggle.

Step 2: Once icon gets jiggling, drag the icon of an app to an other app which you believe are of similar type, like dragging one game app over other game app as soon as both games apps overlap they will automatically create a folder of games app. As soon as you drag and drop any app over another app it will ask you to name the folder. let say, you give the name “Games” to that folder as you are grouping all games app to that folder. Similarly you can arrange all other apps of same nature into one folder this way you can manage your screen effectively.

creating folder in iphone

you can have maximum of 9 apps in one folder.


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