Published On: Sat, Jun 16th, 2012

How to Create Progress Bar with Conditional Formatting in Excel 2010

Nowadays, progress bars are considered to be very effective tool for the representation of data. Here we learn how to create progress bar in excel 2010? Progress bars can provide an immediate view for an existing practice or process. Microsoft Excel 2010 comes up with Conditional formatting feature that allows you to use progress bars in Excel 2010 spreadsheet.

However, you must have seen “conditional formatting” in Microsoft Excel 2007 as well. But you can only able to make gradient bars in Microsoft Excel 2007. The disadvantage of gradient bars is that a figure of 100% won’t looks like the actual 100%.

Whereas, Microsoft Excel 2010 comes up with the feature of solid fill bars that only maintain single color throughout. So these solid fill bars are supposed to be ideal for making progress bars.

How to make a progress bars in Excel 2010 with conditional formatting.

1)You need to enter any numeric value in the cell, where you want to apply conditional formatting for creating progress bars. You can manually enter the number values or you can use a formula for this purpose. In below example, we are entering manually a number values.

2)Then just click on the conditional formatting in the ribbon, select data bars, and then click on the more rules.

3)You need to check the box “show bar only” in the new formatting rule dialog box. Now, choose type as number under the minimum and maximum option. Further, you can set anything you like to enter for minimum and maximum in between 0 to 100. Then configure the overall appearance of the bar. You need to make sure that you have filled the solid color, so select the color you want to apply. Below screen shot shows how the dialog box will look like, when you have done everything.

4)Don’t’ forget to click on the OK button, when you have done with everything. Now you can able to see an attractive progress bar appearing on your selected cell in your spreadsheet with color you have selected.

So, you have successfully learned how to create progress bars in Excel 2010 using conditional formatting.


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  1. Joel says:

    What about a Progress Bar that references it’s minimum and maximum values from other cells? It doesn’t seem to work.

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