Published On: Sat, Jun 23rd, 2012

How to Create Public Facing Website with SharePoint Online in Office 365

You can now create a very simple “public” facing websites using Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365. Office 365 is the newest member of the Microsoft Office family and comes up with revolutionary and newly enhanced features.

Therefore, here we will learn :

How to create your public facing website with SharePoint online in office 365.

1) Before you can start creating your public facing website with SharePoint online in Office 365, you need to sign up with your user name. So after signing up, you can visit at and then at the left side you will find Site Collection option as shown in below screen shot. Click on that option and then further click on the ‘New’ button in the ribbon.

2) You will be notified by a dialog box that will ask you about your new public website. However, there are few options you need to configure as shown in below screen shot.

3) After you have created title for your website, but SharePoint will ask you about URL for your public website. However, the by default option available you can have is Furthermore, by configuring DNS settings in the Office 365 you can use your own name. You will be also prompted for time zone and default language. You can scroll down in order see more required options. We are showing you in below screen shot.

4) You need to provide the resource usage quota, storage quota along with the administrator for the site. For storage quota and resource usage quota, you need to provide values. In below screen shots, we are using 1000 MB for each of the requirement. However, it is hard to find how many “resources” your website might need though you can find some official guidelines available at SharePoint. In the matter of few minutes, once you click on the ok, SharePoint will create new site collection as shown in below screenshot.

5) You can see in the list, when SharePoint finish off your site collection..

6) You can now check your all new public facing website that you have created using Microsoft SharePoint online, Office 365. Just you need to log on to your link and check that out yourself, as shown in below image.

You can edit the pages by logging on to the page library by using your member login information. However, as you can see that you have just created a very simple site with a page library. It doesn’t look like SharePoint. Click on the individual pages in order to edit them according to your own choice and requirement.

You can get the site settings by going to /_layouts/settings.aspx. There you can have various options like site administration, users and permission, look and feel, site actions and site collection administrations.

So, here you have learned about how to create your public facing website using SharePoint online in Office 365. You can create simple sites using this online feature. However, if you are creating a public facing websites with hundreds of users per day, you will definitely exceed your allocated resource quota. Therefore, it is better to have simple sites that are more convenient to manage as well.



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  1. Joao Ferreira says:

    Very nice article about public facing sites.
    I’m working with branding for the public facing sites, let me introduce our work,
    We have a tunning tool where you can fully customize a theme for SharePoint and besides being responsive the theme include a lot of features.

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