Published On: Fri, May 11th, 2012

How to create text shortcuts in iPhone and ipad and other iOS Devices

Are you tired of typing lengthy finger-crunching words, phrases, sentences in messages, emails, notes and other text files? Great news is that now you can have shortcuts to make task easier, instant and fun. There is new app for devices that run on iOS5 operating system such as iPhone and iPad. No need to type long words that consume your time and energy. Be smart and create your own acronyms as you wish.

How to Create Shortcuts in iPhone

There is a built-in shortcut in your iOS5 iPhone which is “omw”. This is acronym for “on my way”. Rest you have to create yourself.

To add more

Follow these steps to create your own shortcuts:

1. Launch “Settings” from home page of your iPhone screen. Tap “General” and then on “Keyboard” at the bottom. Find a section named “Shortcuts”.

2. Tap on “Add New Shortcut“. Now type entire phrase or word in phrase field that you want to create shortcut for. For example “I love you”.

3. In shortcut field, type acronym of that particular phrase that you just entered. For above phrase it will be “ilu”. This word will replace the full phrase. Tap “Save” and there you have it. Every time you will type these words “ilu” or any other shortcut, it will enter full phrase in place of it.

To edit a shortcut, tap on it in keyboard menu. You can create as many as you can.


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