Published On: Thu, Apr 26th, 2012

How to Delete Google Search Web History

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Google Search History

According to a research, is the most accessed search engine in the world. And every person who uses the internet uses this particular search engine at least once a day. But do you know that Google and your internet browser keep a record of your internet activities and web search history? This article will guide you through the steps on how and why you would want to remove your Google search web history.

Most of the internet users are not aware that their activities being logged and maintained in the Google’s history. These records on the first hand are maintained for your convenience, for instance, if you have visited a certain website in the past your browser would record this information  so in the future you do not have to re-type the whole web address again.

Similar actions are performed by Google. If you have searched something on your Google search bar, the website will record the information and maintains the record in its history. This, again, is done for your own convenience, in case you are looking for the same information, Google provides you with some of the similar searches you have made in the past. In fact, the Google systems combine your searched keywords with its related searches to provide you with optimum results required.

But what if someone else logs on to your computer, the question arises that will they be able t see your internet activities of the past? Well, in most of the cases the answer would be yes. Actually the answer is a ‘strong’ yes if you are using a Windows-based personal computer and more especially you work only with a single user ID. In these kind of circumstances, anyone else who uses your computer would easily be able to see your past internet web activities or Google search history. However, most of the people do not want to his to happen, especially those people whose computers are usually under use of anyone other than themselves.

Now in order to remove your Google web history and preventing it from being seen by others, there is a series of steps that you need to follow to achieve this. These steps are discussed below:

Firstly, log into your Google account.

Once you are logged in to your account, type in the following web address in your address bar,

when the desired window opens up, you will see the following tabs on your screen. Click on the ‘Remove all web history’ button, and then proceed to the next step.

Then a window will open up asking whether you really want to clear your Google web search history, click ‘OK’ and you are done with removing your search history.

There you have it. All the necessary steps you would need to remove your Google search web history. If you own more than one Google accounts, then you can repeat the above steps one by one on all of them and you would get your desired results!


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