Published On: Tue, May 8th, 2012

How to Disable Windows 8 Brightness to overcome Dark Screen Problems

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After installing the Microsoft Windows 8 on your laptop  like MacBook Air and after that you won’t able to see the brightness level of your screen what actually you want have, this is probably due to the adaptive brightness feature of Windows 8 not working correctly on your system. So, here you can find the process of how to disable this feature.

Generally speaking, this is an original feature, and if works then it could be better for you. Therefore, you can be sure of updating all of your system’s drivers. But, if you still want to disable this feature, as it is currently not working according to what you want to see, then please note the following tutorial steps by which you can quite easily disable this advance screen feature of the Microsoft’s next generation of Windows operating system, the all new Windows 8.

Amending or Adjusting the Overall Brightness of your Screen in Windows 8

Just as you are already aware of the fact about how to change / amend the screen brightness of your windows 8 laptop machine. You need to press the combination of keys Win + I, this is a shortcut key. You will find the screen brightness control at the same time you hit the combination of Win + I. As shown in the below screen shot.

However, this setting keeps fluctuating in MacBook Air

Disabling the Adaptive Screen Brightness in Microsoft Windows 8

You can open up your windows 8 desktop by pressing the combination of keys Win + D, this is a shortcut key. Then click on the power management icon in the system tray. Afterwards, select more power options from the menu, as shown in the below screen shot.

Note: In order to get to the power options panel, you can use the metro search screen option. It will take you to the power options panel.

Once the power options panel opens up, you can click on the “change plan settings” link on the selected plant in the power options panel. Same has been highlighted circle in the below screen shot.

Then after you have to click on the link “Change advanced power settings”. Same has been shown in the below screen shot with highlighted red in the circle.

After that, you can browse down to the Display, then scroll down to the option enable adaptive brightness, and then click on the setting by changing it to off status. The whole process has been shown in the below screen shot with highlighted red rectangle, this will give you the ideal to how to turn off adaptive brightness feature.

By changing this settings can fix the problems related to brightness on the laptop machine like MacBook Air running Windows operating system via boot camp. You have now disabled the Microsoft’s windows 8 adaptive brightness to fix the dark screen problems. All the above mentioned tutorial steps can lead towards changing or disabling the screen brightness of Microsoft windows 8.


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  1. Varuna says:

    Thanks a lot for this. 🙂

  2. Miles says:

    THANKYOU to all the retards that say windows 8 is not ready for boot camp or vice versa this was my final problem and its FIXED thankyou poster

  3. Kalle says:

    Thanks! This helped my young brother and me! 🙂

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