Published On: Mon, Apr 16th, 2012

How to Download and Install Windows 8 on a Virtual Environment

Downloading and Installing Windows 8 on a Virtual Environment

Here you can find simple steps towards downloading and installing Microsoft next generation of the upcoming windows operating system, the Microsoft’s latest revolution “Windows 8. If you have no dedicated super-fast machine to install the next generation of Microsoft Windows, that is not an issue. Now you can install this operating system on the existing machine or desktop computer. Thanks to the virtual machine applications, as these applications let you to install Windows 8 or any other operating in easy virtual windows based environment on a computer system.

You can use the same partition of your existing hard drive, as do not required to have brand-new hard disk drive to install Microsoft’s Windows 8. Basically, the concept behind virtual machines applications is that they are running a virtual system inside your desktop or laptop computer.

There are several virtual machines software applications available in the market today; you can download free versions of one of those virtual machines software application on your computer that supports Windows 8 installation. Here you can find simple installation steps for installing Microsoft’s Windows 8 by simply using Oracle’s VirtualBox.

1) At the first stage, you need to download the Oracle’s VirtualBox and install it on your computer. Once you have finished with the installation process, you will be right into the main window of the application. Then choose windows 7 as your operating system and assign virtual machine an appropriate name. You have to be careful about selecting the operating system, so make sure you have selected the right version of Windows 8 that you had downloaded. Find screen shot suggesting you the right way to handle the situation.

2) At the second step, click on the “Next” button, as at next screen you will be taken to the screen where you have to assign the memory to the virtual operating system. Usually, the Windows 8 32-bit version requires minimum 1GB memory size, whereas the 64-bit version of Windows 8 requires 2GB of memory size. However, the more the RAM size, better the operating system will run. After assigning memory, you need to click on the “Next” button as shown in the below screen shot:-

3) At the next step you have to leave the options “Virtual Hard Disk” and consequent options “Create New Virtual Disk” closely as they should be, until or unless you really require having a separation virtual machine application to access your virtual hard drive. You have the choice to select the option “Dynamically allocated” or “Fixed size” on your virtual hard drive but it is purely depend upon your own individual likings. The recommended options you can use on disk for installation should be “Dynamically allocated”. On next step, you should make sure that you have allocated at least 16GB for 32-bit version and incase of 64-bit, you should allocate at least 20GB

4) Click on the “Next” button to create your very own virtual machine, once you think you are ready!

When you see your new virtual PC is all set, it will be shown in the list of available machines in VirtualBox’s. Then click on the setting button by highlighting your virtual PC. If your PC supports virtualization of hardware, you can allocate your virtual machine access to an added CPU cores through the submenu of system.

5) Now you have to click on the submenu that belongs to storage category and then afterwards click on the Empty line under IDE Controller. You can click icon of CD followed by the CD/DVD drive directories, and then choose the option by selecting a virtual CD/DVD disk file. You can load the file named “Windows 8.iso” that you have initially downloaded on your real PC. In the bottom of setting window, click on the “OK” button.

6) Click on the start button by crossing your finger in order to load very first time your virtual machine. You will see a pop-up message window that will tell you about your mouse and keyboard capturing options, this will happen when all things gone as per process. However, you can ignore this message. On the next step, VirtualBox will boot and right away go to the installation mechanism of the Windows 8. Now have your fancy user interface of new Microsoft’s Windows 8, enjoy and have fun with Windows 8.



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