Published On: Sat, Jun 30th, 2012

How to Download And Use Redsn0w Jailbreak Software

Jailbreaking an iDevice means getting rid of all the limitations and restrictions placed by the Apple on your iDevice. Once your iDevice is jailbroken, you can download all kinds of applications, utilities and games for free, and you can also customize your background, icons and themes. RedsnOw is one of the most popular jailbreaking software. RedsnOw can be used to jailbreak the following devices:


iPhone 3GS






iPod 1




Apple TV

Downloading RedsnOw

RedsnOw has been developed by the iPhone Dev team and is totally free of cost. All versions of RedsnOw for Microsoft Windows and Mac can be downloaded from After downloading RedsnOw software you can follow the remaining procedure on how to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 using RedsnOw.

The reason why RedsnOw has gained so much popularity all over the world is that iPhone Dev Team comes up with the latest jailbreaks faster than any other production team. As soon as a new iOS is released, RedsnOw released a tethered jailbreak within a week and then an untethered jailbreak is released as well. RedsnOw 0.9.14b1 is currently the latest version of RedsnOw and it is being used to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1, enables you to downgrade your iOS and includes many more options as well.

RedsnOw is a very user friendly application as it provides step by step instructions on how to jailbreak your iDevice. When you run RedsnOw you have two options to choose from, number one is “Jailbreak” and the second is “Extras.” When you click on “Jailbreak”, RedsnOw guides you on how to put your iDevice into the DFU mode and then jailbreaks your iDevice itself.

The option list includes the following:

Just Boot: This option enables you to boot your iDevice which has been powered off on tethered jailbreak.

Pwned DFU: This option enables you to enter your iDevice into the Pwned DFU in order to restore a custom IPSW.

Recovery Fix: In case your iDevice gets stuck in the recovery mode due to an error caused by the iTunes restore process, this option allows you to fix your iDevice.

SHSH blobs: This option is used in order to manually fetch, verify or use SHSH blobs. SHSH blobs are usually used when you downgrade your iDevice iOS.

Select IPSW: If you want to manually specify an IPSW for your iDevice, you can do it through this option. If your iDevice is totally out of date but you do not want to upgrade your iDevice to the latest iOS released by Apple because you would have to wait for its untethered jailbreak to release so you plan to upgrade your iDevice to a later iOS but not the latest, so this option allows you to upgrade your iDevice to any IPSW of your choice.

Custom IPSW: This option enables you to make changes in an IPSW and then upgrade your iDevice to that modified IPSW. One can only imagine how amazing it will be if you could make changes of your choice in an iOS, modify it according to your needs and then upgrade your iDevice to that custom IPSW. So this option basically preserves your baseband and upgrades your iDevice to your custom IPSW.
(Note: this option is only recommended for developers or expert users)

Preferences: This option displays the user preferences.

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  1. I have 4.3.3 and I jail-broke fine. but where do i go to find the apps, I don’t have installer or anything?

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