Published On: Tue, Jun 26th, 2012

How to Enable Auto Email Forward Messages Rule in Outlook 2010

Nowadays, in the professional business environments, the people sitting at senior positions have been occupied in their different business obligations. They prefer the option to forward the email messages to their subordinates automatically rather sending them by their own. Is there is any possibility available to forward the email messages automatically?

Yes, it is possible to manage auto email forwarding to your subordinates. With Outlook 2010, you can create simple rule that can enable the auto-forwarding option. So by using this amazing feature, you do not need to forward emails manually, as this feature will forward the email to the specified individual automatically.

Therefore, here you will learn about how to enable auto email forward messages rule in Outlook 2010.

1) You need to launch Outlook 2010. Then navigate through the home tab, click on the manage rules and alerts option as shown in below screen shot.

2) A dialog box will appear upon clicking on the rules and alerts. You need to select desired email account on which you want to apply the rule. You can select the account from the list shown in front of Apply changes to this folder. Then click on the new rule button, as shown in below screen shot.

3) Rules wizard will appear, so under the start from blank rule section, you need to select apply rule on messages I receive. Then you need to click on NEXT button in order to continue, as shown in below screen shot.

4) At this particular wizard window, you can see various options. You need to check on the from people or public group. So at the bottom of your wizard window, you need to click on the link of people or public group, as shown in below screen image. Upon clicking the link, a dialog box will appear. You just need to enter the address of the specific sender in FROM input pane. Then you need to click on OK button. The same scenario has been captured in below screen shot.

5) In the bottom of the window, you will see the email address that you entered is reflecting, as shown in below screen shot. You need to click on the NEXT button in order to further continue with it.

6) At this particular stage of rules wizard, you need check on the forward it to people or public group option. In addition, you also need to click on the people and public group appearing in the bottom of your rules wizard window. Upon clicking, you will see dialog box for rule address. Now you need to enter the recipient email address in the TO input pane. Then you need to click on the OK button. We are showing you in below screen image.

7) Now both sender and recipient email addresses will be appearing in the bottom pane, as shown in below screen shot. You need to hit the FINISH button in order to close the rules wizard.

8) You will be taken to the Rules and Alerts dialog box, where you can see the newly created rule. You need to click on the OK button in order to apply the newly created rule, as shown in the below screen shot.

Now, whenever you receive email from specified sender, it will be automatically forwarded to the specified recipient’s email address.

Therefore, you have successfully learned how to enable auto forward email messages rule in Outlook 2010. 

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  1. enbergn says:

    I have set up rules for all e-mails from a certain account to be forwarded to a certain person. How can i see which e-mails have been forwarded?

  2. Nancy Ryan says:

    Is there a way to remove the TO and FROM recepients from the rule so that when the rule forwards an email it does not show who it was sent to or who it was from.

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