Published On: Sat, Jul 28th, 2012

How to Enable Privacy Settings on your Facebook Page and Protect your Photos

Enabling Privacy Setting and Protecting Photos on Facebook

Keeping privacy in one way or another is a basic human trait, and this nature is reflected daily in our lives. Long ago, when the World Wide Web was gaining popularity among the masses, people were apprehensive from the start about their personal information being available to third parties. And since then measures have been taken up by the companies to assure its users that all their data is secured them.

Now, with Facebook being the popular social hub these days, the issue of privacy remains the same. However, Facebook has introduced number of features that help the user to customize his privacy settings as per his needs.

So, here is a list of things you can do to help prevent other unwanted parties looking through your personal data.

1.First, of all in order to see your current privacy settings, click on the settings button, located at lower bottom corner of cover picture, besides activity log, click it and click ‘view as’. You’ll able to see that how your profile looks to public.

2. Now, click on the top down arrow on the top right corner, from where you logout, you’ll see the option of Account settings. Click that.

3. You’ll see security tab on the left. Click that.

4. First of all enable secure browsing.

5. Then, enable text messages notifications. By turning this feature on, every time an unrecognized device accesses your accounts, you can get notification either via text message or email.

6. After this, also enable login approvals,

by this every time you login from unrecognized device, a security code will be sent to you via text message, which after entering will allow you an access to your account.

7. If you need to further strengthen your privacy, don’t allow subscribers, third party apps and Facebook Adverts.

8. Once you are done with this section, now move on to the privacy settings. You can find it underneath the tab Account settings, which you opened in Step 2.
Here you’ll see the options for your privacy. By choosing the friends button, all your posts and updates can be accessed by your friends only. If you wish to limit your updates to certain people, you can click on custom settings.

9. By editing the How you connect settings, you can choose, that how other might access you   on Facebook.

10. Further if you want to limit users to posting something on your timeline or editing tagging options, you can access them all under the Timeline and Tagging options.

11. Another section which you can edit and control your privacy is the ‘Update info’ button, located under the right corner of cover picture. Here, you’ll see all your info. You can Edit and set your privacy as you like by simply clicking the Globe icon across every item.

12. Further, you can also hide your pictures from your friends too. Facebook gives you an option of creating lists, where you can access all the updates from the members added. Like if family, friends, close friends etc. If you always want to share your pictures with certain list of people, then it is better to create a list first. Once done, go to your photos. Beside the album you’ll see the settings icon. Click it and scroll down to the list you wish to share it with.

Otherwise, simply click the settings icon, and choose accordingly.



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